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  1. the simplest explanation is that the greater # of starting spots your league has increases the level of difficulty. which, in turn, means that if you think you're good at fantasy it equals Advantage: You. I never understood 10 team leagues, leagues with less starting positions, and leagues with shallow rosters/benches. in this day in age, if you like that, you might as well just play DFS.
  2. Redskins fan. Clowney is a talent but the Skins DL/LB are pretty dang good. We've used a lot of early draft picks on them 2018 - 1st RD- Da'Ron Payne 2017 - 1st RD Jonathon Allen There are a lot of things we need. DL is not one of them.
  3. how on God's Green Earth did you extrapolate from his interview that he was a 'guy you want to root for' ? he said his entire time in Baltimore he jerked around and 'did drugs every day'. he could be productive this year, but wtf were you watching?
  4. First post and i don't mean to derail but it doesn't seem the site will allow me to create a new topic. so sorta on topic... i do auctions only. so while there might be similarities between who you reach for in snake, it's otherwise vastly different. those that do auctions - who are you willing to 'over pay' for based on going rates? i'll start 1. Been overpaying for Montgomery/Carson/Jacobs in mocks the past month. The fantasy world has caught up. That said, i'd still 'overpay' for Montgomery. 14-team league - i'd go as high as $35-$40 for Mont. $32 for Jacobs.
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