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  1. Dont worry he has to request it and youll get a message on leaguesafe to allow it. Its up to him to make the first step
  2. I matched up everyones name to the money and the only one extra is Shake N bake. Sorry Shake. A few mins too late where were you 20 mins ago!
  3. Well i dont know why. He cant join a full league. Match up the money with the members and youll see that its just an extra
  4. 13? How? Jeff Martin "Moot boys" Is in the league. My money is for him and myself. You can kick the e-check if you want but jeff martin "Moot Boys" is already in and paid.
  5. Good Luck Yall! Last draft of my.. idk how many. See yall on the gridiron
  6. No dont change it again. Please just keep it at 5:15 and be done with it. Set the timer in the lobby for 20 second nominations and bids and after round 8 set it for 15 seconds. You can do that in the draft lobby only.
  7. Its paid man.... That e-check will not stop pending. I do these all the time. I have a league where he used an echeck and it cleared just today. He cant get his money back. its in.
  8. Its fully paid according to leaguesafe. Check my money. Its 300 from me for J Martin and myself. one is pending from someones e check and the rest is paid in full but leave the draft where you just set it at 5:15. Dont bump it back to 5 now
  9. I told I know him. Hes 2 hours from home. He will pay trust me. I will absolutely guarantee that. He will pay before halftime of the game.
  10. Anyone seen Fabios1993? Or Talked i should say? Hes gotta set that draft in 3 mins or it will make him push it back to 530
  11. Full! Set that ****! Also. After round 8 you can reduce nomination and bid time to 15 seconds (the minimum) it hurries up the draft process
  12. hes 100% good for it. Hes in 5000 dollars of leagues right now. whats another 150 lol set time for 5:15 or 5:30 we dont have a choice thats the earliest u can set it
  13. Hes in cant pay til he gets home from the field but hes in. Set draft
  14. He might not be able to. Hes still in the field doing inspections. Says its cutting it close. If it was pushed back a smidge maybe. like 515 or 530?
  15. Eric youre in the 100 auction im commishing. Da Funk Sho right?
  16. Is it 11 or 10 or 9 or 8 what the heck? By the way change the title if you can to need 1 more
  17. Only 8 people paid. Whats goin on with that. Its going to mess up the draft. people gonna hate their team and not pay.
  18. Did you set it for 2 flex and top 2 spots get byes first week of playoffs?
  19. Im in this league. The commish needs 2 more. Draft in 1 hour! Last auction before kickoff, 150$, PPR, 12 teams, double flex, all the other settings are espn standard https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=40813955&inviteId=cb21c41f-6d40-4018-b84a-643a60f91126 Leaguesafe link https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3953238
  20. Bro you gotta set the draft time. what happened to the draft?
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