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  1. I won a SB starting Rivers and Boone 🏆
  2. What seed were you when you won your league? I was the 5th seed and beat the 1st seed
  3. Won mine 118-101 against the top seed and highest point team in the season. I was the 5th seed and barely got in the playoffs. Miles Sanders and Julio were my MVPs as well as Tannehill and AJ brown. Congrats!
  4. I made a few lineup errors but miles Sanders and Julio delivered and won me my league. I was the 5th seed. Still got Boone to play also 🎆🥳🏈
  5. Texans should send jameis some crab legs for helping them get into the playoffs
  6. Kamara was a 3rd stringer at one point...
  7. Saints will be up so titans will be throwing. Lattimore is a beast, but so is AJ Brown. We'll see what happens. I'd rather go down with AJ then some other scrub
  8. Mattison won't play with the high ankle sprain. Just Zimmer not trying to tip his hand that Boone plays. I benched perriman for him and have mattison also. Hopefully he balls out
  9. I'm starting Boone over perriman at flex. I doubt mattison suits up
  10. I'd roll with KC I got them going in 1 league. Terrell Suggs is back too 👍
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