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  1. Marvin Jones had 192 yards and 3 TDs at one point but the last TD must have been overturned
  2. Why would George Kittle come back from broken bones in his foot with 2 meaningless games to play? Why would Keenan Allen risk further tearing of his hamstring 4 days after sustaining it whenever they’re out of the playoffs? I could go on, and on, and on. Coaches and players (especially those reaching milestones) CARE about finishing strong. The ONLY REASON to rest week 17 is BECAUSE of the playoffs. Lmao, kid, you must not follow the NFL too closely 😂🤣
  3. I don’t see them benching Cook. The off-season is for resting, not week 17 (unless you’re resting for a playoff run). He’s having a big year and wants to add to it. Their HC is old school and I would be very surprised if he just hangs it up and plays back ups.
  4. That’s very true and I think it’s really dumb to have week 17 championship (have debated with the commissioner on it), but I won last year and decided to play again and looks like I’m likely to win this year. Next week I play the Kelce owner
  5. I’m in an ESPN league that goes to week 17 for the championship. Is it likely that the Chiefs rest starters next week?
  6. Likely that Chiefs bench starters next week? I’m in the championship of a league that goes to week 17
  7. Bills need like 30 different outcomes to occur to clinch 1st seed, rendering the odds astronomically low. There are a combination of outcomes that can occur Friday and Saturday, and if even one goes against what Bills need it eliminates any chance at first seed.
  8. As it stands nobody can bench their Chiefs playmakers unless there’s some clear confirmation that Reid will definitely rest his players to some extent this week, but if they clinch before kickoff I’d have to consider another option at QB if I had another top 10 QB option for this week.
  9. It’s over a 99% chance and Chiefs can completely clinch 1st seed before even kicking off Sunday
  10. Anyone with Larry David as their avatar probably knows what he’s talking about 👍
  11. It actually makes more sense to do what I mentioned. History has shown that resting week 17 on top of a first round bye can cause a team to come out flat. Makes more sense to rest some week 16, play more week 17, have your bye and then play a full out game the next week.
  12. Thanks for the clarification but boy that’s some of the dumbest 💩 I’ve ever heard. Chiefs should still trump Bills even with a 3 way tie. Makes absolutely no sense to suddenly throw out the head to head tie breaker—literally senseless.
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