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  1. ravens would still be in contention for #1 seed (one game behind pats but hold tiebreaker). Plus they play @cleveland week 16 - revenge game with harbaugh wanting to step on kitchens throat
  2. Shady with an ankle injury... Mark my words - D. williams will be a league winner Darrell Williams that is!
  3. No way. OJ is far more valuable than MGIII. If ekeler's performance and chargers 5-0 record without gordon doesnt show how replacable gordon is I dont know what will. for the bucs RoJo played well in game 1 and Barber in game 2. They will ride the hot hand. Gordon does not provide much more on this offense that those two dont RB's in real life football are like QB's in fantasy football (in 1 qb leagues with no superflex): a dime a dozen and easily replacable. If someone offered you matt Ryan for OJ howard in fantasy youd laugh at them just like the bucs would laugh at getting gordo
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