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  1. Ehhh, I’d hold off. Ekeler is coming back around the same time McCaffery is, so I don’t see Kelley as providing depth after Davis loses his value. And Edmonds, Dobbins, and Johnson all have good future upside possibilities.
  2. Gallup due to gamescript, and what seemed like chemistry last week ... should be a shootout.
  3. Wow... tough.... Robinson’s floor is higher, but Kupp is probably more likely to reach his ceiling. Leaning Kupp on average.
  4. Great choices.... insane to wonder who your RB1 is lol. I’d say Mixon is 3rd, and by a slim margin, I’d go Taylor over Robinson, mostly due to gamescript potential.
  5. I can’t see your signature, maybe bc I’m on mobile. But I’m not a big Shenault believer, while being a big Gaskin believer. Soooo... I value RBs highly, and in PPR Gaskin is even better... but if your RBs are solid and you’re WR poor, it could be ok. But I probably wouldn’t.
  6. The floors are similar.... the ceilings say Higgins > Landry > Hilton.
  7. Gator alum here, so I believe in Burton’s talent... but Hurst has the most solid role, on a solid offense in typically high-scoring games, and I think Julios return actually helps him... takes up WR targets (but likely not TE targets), and distracts defenses and gets Hurst more open looks.
  8. Choose 1 (.5 pt PPR): Kenyan Drake (@DAL) Marquis Brown (@PHI) Robert Woods (@SF) Darius Slayton (vs WAS) Thanks! WHIR!
  9. Tough... Wentz has the most talent, Dalton is in the best position. I’d say Wentz then Dalton, then Minshew.
  10. Welp, Dak is done. Dalton looks good. Roethlisberger and Bridgewater are both on Waivers, and Goff.... and I have Burrow on my bench, who could be my 16th RD keeper next year. Thanks, WHIR!
  11. Too many injury and RBBC question marks on Bell. Green has a QB likely to improve over the season so trending upward.
  12. Minshew and Hurst. No second guessing yourself lol
  13. Godwin out means go Scotty lol. I hate Brady, but he’s clearly superior to Mitch. I could see both Miller’s getting similar targets and Scotty getting more accurate passes than Anthony. Gamescript also matters... NYG vs CHI should be run-heavy, fewer total plays, lower scoring.
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