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  1. I am surprised they did not shop him around the trade deadline seeing that he is really not a part of the game plan. You can almost see his frustration out there Teddy does not even look his way.
  2. not sure who is gonna buy high w the uncertainty around the situation....I'd rather hold tight and hope he ends up a league winner.
  3. I picked up Mayfield earlier in the week thinking the game could end up being a shootout. Now with the weather forecast (rain/wind) i'm leaning Rivers in the dome. Thoughts? WHIR
  4. It makes too much sense for both teams so it obviously will not happen.
  5. While your may turn out to be right, it seems completely insane to say he is a JAG and does not pass the eye test after 1 NFL game. Maybe you're referring to his game at FSU as well though.
  6. lol how often are the Redskins gonna be running clock and protecting a 4th quarter lead this year? Of course the veteran RB is going to be the one getting those carries in week 1 with a shortened off season.
  7. I don't think it normally snows in domes.
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