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  1. Looking to join a dynasty start up for next season. Ideally a money league, and Ideally on fantrax. Super active owner. I'd love to join one from the start and not have to orphan for once.
  2. Sorry, its a one qb, 2 rb, and 4 wr/te. Currently have Wentz at QB, Kamara and Ronald Jones at RB. Which is why I didnt really include RBs
  3. I have 5th overall pick in the rookie draft coming up, need help on who to take. I'm going off the assumption that Lawrence, Wilson, and Lance will be gone in the top 3. No idea how the next pick will go. But essentially I'm deciding between Pitts, Jones and Fields. I was leaning Pitts the whole time, but have possibly started leaning QB. Who would you take if all 3 were available? I have Wentz as QB and Engram as my starting positions.
  4. I have Plesac. I currently have madrigal and segura up the middle. Dynasty league. Decent depth sp too.
  5. Bat has been as expected. But man, his lack of speed has been whats killing me, sb league.
  6. Grabbed him in the prospect draft for our Dynasty. Not disappointed at all.
  7. Yeah he isn't on IL yet, eligible to play on my platform too.
  8. Teo. Especially if its a keeper. Montoya has said numerous times that Hernandez is without a doubt the Jays #4. The offensive is only getting better, more opportunities to drive in runs.
  9. I'm in a Dynasty head to head category league, where the pitching categories are K, ERA, WHIP, w+QS, SV, HLD. Keep finding myself getting screwed by one or two starts each week. Roughly carrying 7 SPs, and start all of them when they pitch. How many should I be carrying, and strategy to choose when and if to start them?
  10. Hammered 3 starts in a row. Hope he bounces back. I do like him.
  11. Ya I do, we have no limit IR, so literally no risk.
  12. I have Chisholm, Madrigal and Segura all with 2B eligibility. Its head to head categories. So I guess I'm really just asking, do we think Adolis is legit, or a flash in the pan?
  13. Recieved a trade offer. I was looking to improve my outfield, wanted to work a deal around me sending dom smith for teo Hernandez. He countered with Smith, Chisholm, for Hernandez, Adolis and a prospect. I'm intrigued, cause it does definitely help my outfield, but Chisholm is a favorite of mine. What do you guys think, is Adolis for real?
  14. I'm looking for a dynasty start up hosted on fantrax. Buy ins preferred opposed to free leagues. Super active owner, just tired of oprhaning teams.
  15. I've been looking for a new league to join, not a orphan team for once lol. Super interested and active. Andrewhart1331@gmail.com
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