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  1. Jake1292@sbcglobal.net I’m in if you have any more spots open
  2. Yupp experiencing the same problem can you send an email out when this is resolved? Will check in every hour or so to see if it’s fixed as well
  3. I would be interested email is jake1292@sbcglobal.net
  4. yeah idk whats going on there im talking to support center right now will try again tomorrow after the issue is resolved
  5. it isn't an issue of me figuring it out I know how to do it and have managed leaguesafe before as I am in 10 leagues right now but for some reason there is a hold on my account and it wont allow me to confirm my email. not an issue of not knowing whats going on its an issue on leaguesafes end. again I apologize to all for the inconvenience
  6. unfortunately something is wrong with my email confirmation on leaguesafe. im currently trying to resolve the issue, but unfortunately im going to have the cancel the league. sorry to all for the inconvenience.
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