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  1. OBJ by a wide margin, also how shallow is your league if you are considering dropping guys of this caliber
  2. Exciting showing for sure, hopefully fins get him one of the bama wideouts for next year then we're eating
  3. Lol guy got food poisoning for one game and we are officially crowning him the new Jordan Reed
  4. Looked very mid but the fact that they trusted him to close out the game is encouraging
  5. Fr, not sure how people are complaining about 13 points in that matchup, also passing game looks seem to be back on the upswing
  6. I bought in a keeper, seems like an easy bet for top 5 status in 2021 and probably still top 10 in 2022, he's having an off season but who on the cowboys isn't
  7. What are we thinking about preston as a seasonlong and keeper buy? IMO the price to acquire is near zero and the upside if tua emerges will make it well worth the flyer
  8. The target floor is spectacular, if lock can keep playing well the sky is the limit
  9. He's been on the edge for a while it's finally time for him to shoot his numbers up
  10. This, no reason not to take a shot on him, at worst he can be a bye week filler
  11. Nothing to see here, buy low window has passed, starting every week from here on out.
  12. Damn, gotta respect the conviction best of luck man
  13. Get him in keeper formats, upside is going to be ridiculous catching passes from Tlaw, also could end up being flex worthy this season due to the wasteland that is the NYJ receiving corps
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