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  1. Rotoworld blurb from today says he has a 30/1 K-BB ratio. The disrespect...
  2. Nah. Definitely Still in the mid TE1 range just basted on routes and talent alone.
  3. I hear what you're saying but to me multi-week injury is more important/relevant to time than games missed when it comes to 'first-game-back-expectations'
  4. First week off of a multi-week injury, especially without optimism around the recovery, is certainly a worth exception.
  5. Great post. Here’s my power rankings: Fantasy Footballers — Funny AF, moderate level content, but I always laugh and learn something and generally feel good about playing fantasy after listening. CBS - same as above, maybe slightly not as funny or as solid of content, but I love the dynamic and range of the personalities. However, minus points for not holding Ben Gretch who was a sorely needed fresh voice in the room. I genuinely think the analysis is pretty weak here but I love the guys. Rotoworld - Less entertaining but still enjoyable, I think I always learn a coup
  6. Fair 👍 but I do think there's still a decent chance there's more there than that given the organization's condition.
  7. I don’t remember it cooks was on IR last year but he definitely missed multiple weeks and was uncertain. One things for sure, there’s more likelihood they either want to get a good look at Duke as a lead back or have some big time roster needs to put him on IR than it being related to his injury (imo). But there’s also a possibility his symptoms are so bad that they’re like yeah it’s prob gonna be 2-3 weeks so let’s just get a spot open.
  8. Probably not that big of a deal for his shorter route tree. Calling my shot - 6/66/2 incoming!!!
  9. Hahaha. This guy! I love it! YES PLEASE! I don't think that's the expectation, but the "Don't be shocked" I can agree with. It's a good point.
  10. Practicing in full. Should be full allotment of snaps or close to it. They need to win and he’s their best TE.
  11. I'd probably about GB without Jaire Alexander in there, but they're still not a bad option. Any of these are solid. Hard not to think Cousins won't S the B in primetime though, so I'd lean Bears.
  12. Hey y’all. Recovering Fantasy Junkie here. I play on 4 teams. Two I co-manage with best friends and it’s super super fun. But the only one I truly care about is my 12 team commish league. long story short, I’ve cared A LOT about fantasy results for the past 5-6 years if not the majority of my time playing (10 years). I’m absolutely in the ‘relieved and a little happy when I win’ and ‘low key tilt to legit upset’ when I lose. However, due to life circumstances, this year has taught me that fantasy is best taken lighter and with more fun, win or lose. This is the fi
  13. TBD til tomorrow. Lots of their guys had LPs today and off bye that's usual. However, it's mildly concerning at best.
  14. Im leaning more on point B than point A. Let's go beard-man!
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