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  1. Short term, Darrells role will increase this will be a full blown timeshare if Gurley misses an extended period of time. Brown has been in the league 5 years and never rushed for over 250 yards and his talent has never thrusted him into a position to start consistently so to say Brown is entrenched as a bell cow back in this offense is borderline laughable. Timeshare IMO they traded up in the 3rd round to draft Henderson, If he can adequately block at some point bad news for Brown.
  2. Goff/McVay have been willingly passing a bizzilion times all year I don't think they'll need to be forced lol, that being said I would definitely go with Coleman.
  3. I'm 3-2, but yes you did need to draft perfectly everywhere else Jacobs instead of Montgomery, Mclaurin etc stuff like that. Just trade him already dude you're repeating yourself over and over we get it, Earlier you said you'd deal him for Alshon just do it already lol.
  4. I concur the kid just needs 8 targets like what he usually gets and to burn one DB for a 50 yard touchdown and were good, If they want to run AP 25 times for 70 yards so be it.
  5. Honestly unfortunately I think I'm in agreement, I see him coming back vs the Chiefs in all likelihood. Wish it was sooner but I don't want him tweaking this all season either so whatever it is what it is.
  6. Not even remotely the same, Gurley's career is over in the sense of being a bell cow RB he is a shell of the player he once was and they made a huge investment so naturally they're playing mind games. Adams just has a really annoying injury where its exceeding difficult to give a definitive timetable. I don't see any games being played here maybe he can cut on it next week maybe in two weeks no point giving a timetable if you don't know.
  7. "Yeah, yeah, I'm hyped about it," Peterson said of Callahan's plans. "You look at the first four weeks I played, it was like 11, 12, 10, seven carries. It was totally the opposite of what we did last year when we were more successful as a team." AP is such a tool go away already, he's hyped he can pad his career stats with 25 carries on 3 YPC.. Be positive no pun intended Terry could still have a very productive game their WR's are a joke aside from him.
  8. Their playoff schedule is amazing, that being said they won't be doing this during the Eagles, Cowboys, Texans and Chiefs stretch thats for sure.
  9. Would've like to see this game with Barkley, Engram, Shepard.... Personally I think they're a good defense not as dominant as everyone is making them out to be time will tell...
  10. Hopkins is 27 years old. . . . . . . .
  11. Why are the giants even trying to run with these RBs they're horrendous
  12. Giants D looks spectacular considering how long they've been on the field wow.
  13. Like this post if you don't care about the cs3 and pdog109 drama and just want to talk football 😂
  14. If the pass isn't to the RB or a 5 yard slant I would love to see Bradys %s this season...
  15. Aikman is really getting close to Booger status of late he may have actually eclipsed him if thats even possible in regards to who can be more annoying.
  16. pass interference but Tates gotta come back to that ball lackluster effort right there
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