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  1. Best QB of the 2018 NFL Draft, as I said it before that draft.
  2. Hey, remember when people thought Darnold was a better QB than Josh Allen? Fun times.
  3. From Weeks 6-13, I'd take Herndon over every TE outside of Kelce/Ertz/Engram/Kittle
  4. #6 in Total Offense without OBJ and new #1 WR Golden Tate. Facing a Top 5 caliber Cowboys D with All-Pro's at every level of the defense. https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/table/passing/sort/netYardsPerGame/dir/desc Giants don't miss OBJ at all. How did Baker and the Browns do with OBJ? Super Bowl bound, right? Lol.
  5. Well, let's revisit this: 1) Daniel Jones >>> Sam Darnold. Darnold now has mono, is off to a horrendous start in Year 2, was dreadful in Year 1, and was dreadful his final year at USC. He has been a bad QB for a couple years now. Daniel Jones, meanwhile, has a much more promising future than Darnold. Jones currently holds more value than Darnold based on Darnold's horrible play and Jones' incredible preseason showing every trait you look for in a Franchise QB. 2) Saquon Barkley >>> Josh Allen. Saquon is a future 1st ballot HOFer - no questions asked. Perennial All-P
  6. Sam Darnold = Mark Sanchez Giants are geniuses for passing. Jets still don't have a Farnchise QB.
  7. Just so you guys know: Darnold doesn't really have mono. That is a made up excuse. They need a way to politely "bench" Darnold for a veteran QB to get trampled in the next 5 games versus the Browns, Patriots, Cowboys, Eagles, Pats. Darnold was also brutally bad against the Bills, leading his offense to 32nd in Yards Per Play. Think about it: If Sam Darnold is the starting QB and goes 0-6, can u imagine what all the talk would be? "Jets messed up at QB again" "Mark Sanchez 2.0" The Jets are clearly protecting Darnold by making up this whole mono BS. Jets also mad
  8. gIaNtS sHoUlD hAvE dRaFtEd dArNoLd oVeR sAqUoN
  9. Engram is a WR, not a TE. Treat him like he's a WR.
  10. Giants have an underrated offense this year. Excellent Offensive Line (0 sacks allowed against Dallas) It's the defense that's the problem.
  11. Like I said, Eli is a better QB than Cam in 2019. Cam can't throw.
  12. Eli Manning at age 38 >>> Cam Newton right now Cam is finished. Can't pass, can't run either. Eli is still efficient. Hold this L.
  13. Eli Manning at age 38 >>> Cam Newton right now. Not up for debate either, if you've seen Cam the 1st 2 games this season. Hold this L.
  14. I traded Kelce/Landry for Engram/Edelman. Risky trade but I like what AB does for Edelman.
  15. Those who drafted this guy over Evan Engram made a terrible mistake.
  16. Jamison Crowder: every-week starting WR2 ROS
  17. Does AB make Edelman better or worse overall?
  18. This guy has the toughest fantasy value to properly gauge. Like, what is he, really?
  19. Engram will have 1000+ yards this season. Week 1 will be the norm for him, not an outlier.
  20. It is an absolutely horrible trade - period. He could have gotten so so much more. Engram is 1000% legit and a Top 3 TE this season.
  21. The gap b/w Engram and McDonald is the size of the Grand Canyon. Engram Top 3 TE McDonald outside the Top 10 TEs
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