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  1. If Gaskin is out, Fournette and Ahmed. If Gaskin plays, Fournette and Aiyuk
  2. With Rojo out, Fournette for sure. I like Beasley this week, even in a tough matchup - he is getting double-digit targets even against tough defenses recently. I would avoid Gaskin; as you say, too much risk. With Mostert on IR, if Wilson is fully healthy I would consider him over Beasley, but it's close. If Wilson is questionable, stick with Beasley.
  3. Seriously considering starting Drew Lock over Big Ben in my Superflex slot. Talk me out of it... WHIR (leave a link)
  4. Dobbins for sure. For me it's between Fournette and Wilson for the other spot. For the upside I would probably go with Wilson - I would expect the Bucs to throw near the goal line, while Shanahan will want to pound the run as much as he can get away with it, so Mostert and Wilson should have decent opportunities.
  5. Julio is out - Gage should be a pretty safe play, and has decent upside against Tampa's pass-funnel defense
  6. Don't get cute. Start your stud. Thielen all the way.
  7. I'd go with Claypool and Gage, and cross my fingers that Claypool will resume the role of the WR3 on Pitt rather than Washington.
  8. With Julio out I would play Gage over Sanders. Mostert makes me super nervous, but the matchup is too good to sit him, so I would still start him.
  9. Slight edge to TEN for this week, though even given that, I would probably choose CLE, since they not only have a good matchup this week but a downright juicy one next week against the Jets.
  10. Ugh. I started Adams and my opponent started Fant, so I went from a 9-point favorite to a 14-point underdog quickly. Standard scoring: My lineup as it stands now: Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Henry, Taylor, Adams, McLaurin, Hilton, Conner (flex), Gronk, Rams DST. Other potential options to sub in: Jeff Wilson, JD McKissic, Latavius Murray, Sony Michel, Benny Snell, Brandin Cooks. McLaurin has had a bad couple of weeks, but he got 39 targets in 4 weeks with Haskins at QB earlier this year, so I feel pretty safe rolling him out there. Conner worries m
  11. Da I doubt if trying to play defense against your opponent's QB is going to make much difference, especially since Davis is unlikely to be higher than Allen's third option (behind Diggs and Beasley). Just play the one you think has the better chance of a good day. (And that's a toss-up for me too - I lean towards Patrick since he seems to have emerged as the prime option in Denver, but I also think that Davis has a better matchup than Patrick). One quick note - if you are a severe underdog in your matchup, I would definitely play Patrick rather than Davis. By tying one of your pla
  12. All right, with a little more clarity on the injury front, I'm left with the decision that I posited 2 days ago: Standard scoring. Need to start one of the following in my FLEX. With Cooks officially healthy, I need to drop two from this list as well (unless Conner is ruled out by Saturday night, in which case I can stash him in my IR slot) James Conner (trending towards a game-time decision against CIN. Playing IND in week 16) Jeff Wilson Jr. (Mostert is playing, so now he's in a time-share against the porous DAL defense. Playing ARI in week 16) JD McKissi
  13. If Brees plays, Sanders for sure. If it's Taysom Hill again, then it's really a toss-up for me. I'd probably still go with Sanders, given how poorly Cam has been throwing the ball lately.
  14. Montgomery and Davis for me. If Mostert sits, I would think about maybe putting Wilson in instead of Davis, but I'm not sure about that.
  15. Browns. Drew Lock is actually starting to play better, so I'd rather target the Giants with a DST than the Broncos.
  16. Tannehill is the safer play - if you're favored or it's an even matchup, I'd start him. If you're an underdog and need an upside play, go with Herbert. That game could easily be a shootout, but without Herbert throwing 50-yard bombs to Jalen Guyten it's going to be hard for him to top 20 points.
  17. Agree with Blue. Kills me to bench Robinson at this point, but the others' matchups are just too juicy.
  18. Definitely sit Cooper. Woods might get 15 targets against the Jets. At RB, for me it's between Robinson and Davis. I'd probably grudgingly bench Robinson due to the matchup.
  19. Definitely Hurts over Cousins. Cousins is playing the Bears, who will sack him 8 times. Of the flex options, I'm leaning toward Higgins. Bowden is intriguing, but I don't feel great about trusting him yet in a semi-final matchup.
  20. Super close matchup - you have better QB and RBs, and your opponent has the edge at WRs and TE. In standard I'd probably go with you, and in PPR I'd go with your opponent.
  21. I'd play Dobbins for sure - Ingram seems to be phased out of the offense, so it's a 2-headed monster rather than 3, with enough volume for both Dobbins and Edwards to have potentially big days. I slightly lean towards McLaurin, especially if Alex Smith starts. I think Evans may have more upside than McLaurin, but his bust potential is also higher.
  22. I'd drop Harris. He probably has a higher floor than Jones, but with Newton stealing all the goal line work Harris has very little upside.
  23. Herbert. Saints just activated Brees' practice window - there is a chance that Brees might start this week. Play it safe and go with Herbert.
  24. I'd go with Juju. Pittsburgh is struggling to run the ball, and Diontae is struggling with drops, so I'm expecting Big Ben to go to his more reliable option more, and Juju is still getting a good target volume even though the Steelers are awash in receivers. I like Davis in general, but we saw last week that he can disappear if Tennessee is playing a bad run defense and Derrick Henry can run wild. Jacksonville was just such a defense last week, and Detroit is similar this week.
  25. 1. Jacobs if he plays. 2. Jones if he plays. 3. Coutee if Cooks sits. 4. Agholor.
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