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  1. Draft capital means exactly nothing at this stage of the season. By Rush's logic, you'd also play CEH over James Robinson this week, which you obviously wouldn't do. CEH is playing in a bad matchup in a pass-first offense. Swift is playing in a good matchup on a team that will need to slow the game down if they have any hope of winning. Given his recent successes, I'd roll with Swift this week, with or without Stafford.
  2. Standard scoring. Need to start one of the following in my FLEX. I also need to drop 1 or 2 from the list, depending on whether I might be able to stash one in my IR slot: James Conner (hasn't looked great lately, but great matchup vs. CIN, but dealing with quad injury and doesn't play until Monday) Jeff Wilson Jr. (good matchup vs. DAL, should smash if Mostert sits, but is risky if Mostert plays) JD McKissic (solid floor if Gibson sits, better with Alex Smith than Dwayne Haskins, not much scoring upside) Latavius Murray (not seriously considering starting him t
  3. When everything is said and done, I'd stick with Lamar. The thing with Lamar is that he actually hasn't been all that bad - he's only had 2 games with less than 17 points all year, and none since week 5. What has not been was the lights-out, 30-point-upside option that you drafted in the second round. He's a solid low-end QB1 with a safe floor and some upside, but not as much as you were hoping for. As for Hill, we haven't seen him at his low point yet. He may present similar upside to Lamar right now, but I don't think there is enough of a sample size to trust the safety of his floor
  4. Bears play at JAX in week 16, Browns play at the Jets. Bears were a good defense earlier in the year, but the last few weeks they have struggled to get turnovers and sacks. Browns give up points, but they have generated multiple sacks in all but one of their recent games, and they have 2 games with multiple turnovers. Thoughts? WHIR (leave a link)
  5. No he's not. He was activated yesterday and is expected to play.
  6. Sit one this week: Conner, Taylor, Akers. Was planning to sit Akers, but then Malcolm Brown didn't practice today. Should I sit one of the other two instead? WHIR (leave a link)
  7. Hockenson. Goedert has had a couple of good games, but I'm worried that Ertz' return will eat into his targets.
  8. I would go Booker > Snell > Bernard if all 3 of Jacobs, Conner, and Mixon stayed out for the rest of the year. I do expect Jacobs and Conner back in a week or 2, but Mixon might come back as soon as week 14 as well. Bernard has a tough schedule and a bad o-line. Snell has a tough schedule and a good o-line. Booker has a good schedule and an average o-line. Bottom line for me is, I'm tired of waiting for Bernard to be a thing - he disappoints me more often than he helps. I think the other two have more upside
  9. What is this, a 6-team league? How are some of these guys still available? I'd pick up Dobbins, Gaskin, and Booker. Dobbins and Gaskin should have sustaining value going forward. Booker is more of a one-week rental.
  10. Yeah, Cousins has been on fire lately. The only thing that concerns me is if the Vikings get up big early and he has to stop throwing, but I'll take that risk over the other two.
  11. I like CEH in that matchup if he plays. If not, Dobbins has the most upside of the others. DJ has a bad matchup, and Murray's matchup isn't great either.
  12. I like Hill this week of the three, but ROS I prefer Trubisky. Cam is banged up and isn't throwing the ball well, and has tough matchups the next couple of weeks. Hill should be fine for as long as Brees is out, but we don't know how long that will be. Trubisky has a soft schedule down the stretch and the job should be safely his unless he absolutely lays an egg.
  13. Haha! I have Gore, Murray, and Conner in my IR. At the moment, I DON'T expect Conner to play. I'm starting Gore over Murray for the safe floor. If you need more of an upside play, Murray is your guy. I'm not wild about Snell this week - he's not super efficient and Washington's front 7 is really good, and that will be Snell's second game in 5 days against 2 good run defenses. But I am hoping that Conner sits another week - I want him fresh for the playoffs against Buffalo and Cincinnati.
  14. Gaskin is a no-brainer start if he's healthy - Miami has no one else left beside Patrick Laird. The rest are interesting. I'd narrow it down to Zeke, Kupp, Juju, and Pittman. I'm leaning slightly toward Kupp for this one - I think Goff is going to have to throw a bunch, and with Kupp you know he won't be covered by Patrick Peterson, so he's a relatively safe option to get 8ish targets.
  15. Interesting conundrum. CMC is worth more than Robinson, but not that much more (top-3 pick vs. a late first-round pick). So Robinson has more net value as a keeper than CMC does. BUT CMC's trade value is capped because of the keeper rules. Given all of that, I'd probably keep CMC and try to trade Robinson, because I think you have the potential to get more overall net value from that transaction. Given Robinson's cheap keeper-price, you have a good chance of baking some of that into the asking price for him, and should be able to get a 2nd-round pick for him at minimum, a trade that w
  16. In a super-deep PPR league I can see Richard having some RB5-flexish type value, but that's a long-shot dart throw at best. If I wasn't in a place where I had to start him this week I would not bother picking him up.
  17. RB: Depends on what you need. Gore has a much safer floor but very little upside. Hines has more upside but is also more likely than Gore to put up a 3-point effort. TE: Engram. Even with McCoy under center, he's gonna pepper his safety valve with targets. FLEX: This one is a toughy. Of the options you presented, Hines might have the most upside, but he is risky. If I didn't play Hines I'd probably roll the dice wtih Chark, but it's close between Chark and Shepard for me.
  18. I think I would hold my nose and start Goff here.
  19. McLaurin is Questionable, and is scheduled to play on Monday. If he is a game time decision and ends up not playing, who would be the best dart throw (separate answers for a decent floor play vs. an upside play would be appreciated..) Devin Duvernay Dez Bryant Kendrick Bourne Steven Sims Isaiah McKensie Miles Boykin I know, really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I think it's between Duvernay and Sims - Sims should get more looks with McLaurin out, but he'd be going up against Pittsburgh, which is concerning. Duvernay has a better
  20. If Fitzpatrick starts over Tua, should I start him over Roethisberger? Thanks in advance. WHIR (leave a link)
  21. I'm in very much the same boat - my WRs were Adams, McLaurin, Fuller, and Cooks. I figure to play Cooks as an every-week starter from here out, so now I'm looking for a WR for depth/insurance and possible flex value in the playoffs. If Lock plays, I think Jeudy is the best pickup, but if he is still out, I'd cross my fingers and go with Hilton. (my league is a little deeper, so Lazard, Sanders, Shepard, and Jeudy are gone. I'm going with Hilton)
  22. If you're worried about Snell, you have to be equally worried about Dionte. I'd only use either of them as a last resort. For me, I'd go with Mostert and Hill. Both should be guaranteed big workloads, Mostert should be fresh (even against a good Rams defense), and Hill has a great matchup against the Raiders. In PPR I might consider putting Brown in for one of the RBs - the TB-KC game should be a shootout. But for the most part I'm sticking with Mostert and Hill
  23. That's funny, I'm exactly the opposite.. my HEAD says Gore (guaranteed touches), but my HEART says Wilkins (much more upside)! lol
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