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  1. The second trade offer may be even worse than the first - he's banking on Mike Evans' perceived value being higher than Godwin's, but Evans himself said that he and Godwin would be battling it out to see who is number one on that team. The primary concern is your RB depth, and both trade offers hurt you in that area rather than help you.
  2. In PPR, White for sure. In standard it's kind of a toss-up for me, but given how bad TB's defense is I'd be inclined to go with Breida. As for the bonus question, I'd take Kupp.
  3. Play Lockett and Godwin for sure. How are you doing in the rest of your matchup? If you're favored to win and you need a safe reliable play, start Westbrook. If you are an underdog and you're shooting for upside, start Gordon.
  4. I agree with cowpoke. Even in a tough matchup, Freeman should be Ryan's safety valve and catch a few passes out of the backfield.
  5. Slight preference for Engram, especially in PPR. Henry has more TD-upside, but also more competition for targets. Engram has a decent chance to lead his team in targets - rare for a TE these days..
  6. I'd actually grab McCoy. Singletary is probably more talented at this stage of his career than McCoy is, but he's stuck in a bad offense, and Frank Gore will still siphon touches away from him, and Josh Allen is likely to vulture touchdowns away from him. McCoy right now is listed behind D-Willy on the KC depth chart, but Andy Reid know and trusts him, and D-Willy has never borne a starting-RB workload for anywhere close to a full season (3-4 games at best). McCoy is going to get some serious run eventually, and an RB getting 10+ touches in an Andy Reid offense with Mahomes at QB and
  7. I'm higher than the consensus on Chubb, and lower than the consensus on Lockett, so I really like the deal. It does leave you a little thin at WR, but your plan to make up for that, in my opinion, makes up for what you gave up. Well done.
  8. I preferred Waller over Andrews even before the AB news broke, so I would say yes.
  9. I need a WR3, options are: John Brown (boom/bust, should be a good fit for Josh Allen, Jets secondary sucks, but if they blitz a lot will Allen be able to get rid of the ball?) Emmanuel Sanders (looked good in limited action in the preseason, but over a full game? Plus if the Broncos end up way ahead, will they rest him late in the game?) I could also drop Hyde to get Tyrell Williams, but I'm a little leery about that - my gut is telling me that the hype on Brown's suspension is over-inflating Tyrell's value. Thoughts?
  10. Penny for me, not particularly close... I don't trust the Bills offense. Gore will probably be fine, but 12 carries at 3 YPC, you can do better than that. Jags WR not named Dede? No thanks. Pollard will be lucky if he sees any mop-up work. Meanwhile, the 'Hawks will probably run the ball 40 times against Cincy, and even Carson is only good for 20-25 of those.
  11. I'd go with Duke, followed closely by Kupp. Duke as the lead back in a good offense in a game that should be a shoot-out, plenty of upside there.
  12. I'm not sold on Sutton this year. Not really sold on Pettis either, but I like him better than Sutton. If you have sufficient WR depth, I personally would drop Sutton for Hill.
  13. I wouldn't. Mixon will have volume, but Cincy's o-line is banged up and in general the Bengals are going to be bad this year. Meanwhile, both Williams and Ridley are at the low end of their value range right now - all it would take is an injury to Shady or Julio to make one of those players skyrocket in value. Plus the trade would deplete your WR depth. The only thing I like about the trade is that you already have Bernard, so you wouldn't have to worry that much if Mixon got hurt. But I still wouldn't do it.
  14. Definite Ekeler. I'm intrigued by Guice down the road, but Washington's offense in general is going to be baaaaaad this year. Ekeler, even in a 60-40 split, has a lot more upside.
  15. First of all, what the heck platform are you running on that (1) allows you to roster 5 kickers in the first place and (2) programs the auto-drafter to draft that many kickers? I've seen bad auto-draft setting before, but this is the worst by a fairly large margin.. That having been said.. Idea #2 - DON'T trade Corey Davis for Zuerlein. No kicker is worth that much, not even Legatron. Idea #1 - Not bad, but even then you might be offering too much. I'd start by offering Cooks and Davis and see if he counters. Leave room for the negotiation to progress, and you may end up wit
  16. I think MVS is the safer play, although we're assuming he's going to be in the slot but we don't know that for sure yet. If you want to roll the dice with a more boom/bust option, go with Goodwin. In a potential shootout, he's the receiver thus far with the best rapport with Jimmy-G, and he only needs 1 big play to make his start worthwhile.
  17. It's a tough matchup, but I'd still go with Jones. The Packers are going to need him to step up in order to keep the ferocious pressure off of Rodgers, so he still should get 15+ touches.
  18. Between Goodwin and Tyrell, I'd rather have Tyrell, but for me it's pretty close. Goodwin and Garoppolo already have a connection, whereas Tyrell is new for Derek Carr. And just generally, I think the Raiders offense is going to be atrocious this year, so Tyrell's upside is capped. And we've already seen that Tyrell can be erased by shutdown corners, and if Antonio is out he's going to see a lot of them. So with Antonio out, I think Tyrell is a matchup-dependent WR4 with a decent expected volume, but I also view Goodwin as a matchup-dependent WR4 in a better offense with a little more
  19. I don't know.. If I was the Carson owner I would decline your offer. Clearly he went WR heavy early in the draft, so Will Fuller doesn't do that much for him, whereas Carson is his RB1. Getting back a lesser RB and a borderline flex-worthy WR wouldn't be enough for me.
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