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  1. With Julio's health questions, I would not do this deal. Tyreek and Metcalf are great anchors to your WR corps, and getting to choose between Godwin and AB for your WR3 is plenty. With all of the RBs going down, I would not give up Mostert, even if you were able to get a RoJo, Dobbins, or Drake.
  2. I was debating between Conner and Taylor at my RB2 spot (non-PPR). Now the decision seems to have been made for me - they're both on the Covid list *sigh*.. So now, I'm down to the following options: Frank Gore (has it really come to this?) Jordan Wilkins (good matchup, pretty good o-line, but likely to be a time-share with Hines at best) Benny Snell (who knows how the split will work with MacFarland, or whether the game will even be played?) Somebody out there flip a coin for me and tell me who it lands on! Thanks in advance. WHIR (le
  3. I guess it was inevitable.. the BAL-PIT game has been moved to Tuesday, if it gets played at all this week. I was scheduled to start Big Ben as my QB2 and Conner as my RB2 in my Superflex non-PPR league. I've got Jonathon Taylor on my bench, and picked up Trubisky a week ago after I traded away Andy Dalton. Right now, I'm leaning toward starting Taylor over Conner on Sunday morning. As for the QB spot, fortunately Trubisky's game isn't until Sunday night, so I will at least get to see how the rest of my team does before deciding whether to start him, and hopefully we'll
  4. My reasoning is similar to vthokie, but I'd rank them this way: Adams > Hill > Allen > Hopkins > Ridley > Metcalf > Thielen > Lockett
  5. Won my game in week 11 by less than 2 points - eeking out the victory when Brady threw a pick on his final drive. Whew! But now, in another must-win game, with most of my players in bad matchups so my upside is capped. Please tell me if you'd switch anyone in or out of my lineup: (12-team Superflex league, standard scoring): QB: Aaron Rodgers (vs. CHI, but it's not like you're benching Rodgers no matter who he plays) SFLEX: Ben Roethlisberg (vs. BAL, also playing too well to consider benching) RB1: Derrick Henry (vs. IND, also a tough matchup, but of
  6. If I already had a lock on a playoff spot, I'd probably do the deal to get Rodgers, especially if the guy I was trading to wasn't likely to make the playoffs. If I need wins to get a playoff spot, I'd stick with Herbert. Better schedule rest of regular season, and should be fine in the playoffs as well.
  7. I like Ryan this week.. Taysom Hill has gotten all this press, but there's no way a guy like Ryan is going to let himself be upstaged by the gimmick-kid in his first start. Out of the ugly RB2 options, I'd go with Fournette. He's the only one of the three with any semblance of upside. Woods has been aggravating of late (I'm glad I traded him away a couple of weeks ago), but I still like him better than the other two options. TE, flip a coin. I did, and it landed on Hurst. Good luck!
  8. That would be Miami. Who is already owned by the team I'm going to be playing against next week. *sigh*
  9. Should I grab: Rams (vs. SF - Mullens is a tasty target but SF is coming off of a bye) Packers (vs. CHI - Foles or Trubisky, doesn't really matter, but they are coming off of a bye too) Giants (vs. CIN - probably will give up points, but Cincy yields a bunch of sacks) Thanks in advance.. WHIR (leave a link)
  10. While we're on the subject, though... would it be possible to get Rotoworld to open a specific forum for Commissioner questions and chat, rather than just this insanely long thread? Having to sift through all this Taysom Hill debate just to get feedback on my trade review is a little annoying.
  11. It's academic now. I told CAL and PETE that the trade was being protested and they told me to go ahead and veto it. After that happened, CAL traded Dalton to PETE for a TE (not Hill!). Everyone is happy now. Another day saved. I wish all leagues were as easy to commission as this one - this has honestly been the only remotely head-scratching thing I've had to deal with in the last 4 years.
  12. "Is Dalton not pretty close to valueless"? I wouldn't say that, especially not in a Superflex league. I think on a team with Elliott, Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, and Schultz, Dalton carries some significant upside. Yes he looked lousy at first, but the Cowboys' offensive line was really banged up then. Now, recovered from injury and with some o-line pieces back, plus that fact that the Cowboys are still very much in the hunt for the NFC L-EAST title, if Dalton can recover some of the mojo he had during his successful years in Cincinnati he can still return value as a low-to-mid QB2. As for Wins
  13. NEED ADVICE ON TRADE REVIEW, PLEASE: I am the commissioner of a 12-team Superflex league on ESPN. Playoffs are weeks 14-16, 6 teams make it in. The players involved (names have been changed): "DAN" currently holds the #5 seed, on the playoff bubble. "MIKE" currently holds the #6 seed, on the playoff bubble. "CAL" is currently in the #7 position, with a decent chance to move up. "PETE" is currently in the #9 position, a long-shot to make the playoffs, but still trying. His poor record is due to having missed Chubb, Thomas, and Golladay for much of the year.
  14. I would not take the trade, but that might be more of a function of me playing in more 2QB leagues than 1QB leagues.
  15. It's close. I'd probably do it in half- or full-PPR, but not standard.
  16. First instinct is to go with Gibson and CEH. If Carson is inactive tonight, I might consider starting Hyde rather than CEH, but that one is a toss-up for me.
  17. Both QBs should smash this week. I don't love the idea of giving up 2 RBs when RBs in general are dropping like flies, so I'd lean toward the deal for Big Ben.
  18. Standard scoring.. if Kamara is OUT, start Latavius Murray over Giovanni Bernard? Thanks in advance. WHIR.. leave a link.
  19. If he's asking for Boyd, I kinda doubt he would take Woods in his place. Josh Reynolds' role in that offense is growing, capping Woods' value. Meanwhile, Boyd and Higgins are continuing to trend upwards as Green continues his slide.
  20. Given your depth I would lean towards doing this deal, and yes Higgins+Gibson should absolutely be enough to land Sanders (might even be overpaying a bit, given Sanders' health, the Eagles' offensive line woes, and how badly Wentz is playing). But if you can cuff Scott to him it should be worth it. Good luck.
  21. Since Bill O'Brien got fired, here's the breakdown between Will Fuller and Brandin Cooks: Fuller: 5 games, 38 targets, 23 receptions, 354 yards, 4 TDs Cooks: 5 games, 47 targets, 33 receptions, 411 yards, 3 TDs That's a decent sample size. What Cooks lacks in efficiency he is making up for in volume in this offense. Yet on FantasyPros consensus standard rankings this week they have Fuller #15 and Cooks #29. It seems like, at the very least, they should be closer to each other in the rankings. Am I missing something? The reason I ask is because I need
  22. With your depth at RB I would probably take the Harris for Henry deal. Jacobs for Waller is intriguing, but even with the dearth of quality TEs this year I think Jacobs is too much to give up.
  23. My playoff life depends on Adam Thielen scoring less than 11.7 non-PPR points tonight. If I win, I've got the edge on the last playoff spot by tiebreaker points. If I lose, I'm down 2 games with 3 games to go.. Bonus wish: If, in addition to Thielen being kept in check, Dalvin Cook and Allen Robinson can combine for 40 points tonight, then I still have an outside shot at a first-round bye. But that's probably too much to hope for...
  24. You're trading stable production for major upside. I am a slight YES on the trade, but only slightly, and be ready for the roller coaster ride like the responder above said.
  25. Fuller and Cooks will be fine. I'd start Cooks - he's getting a ton of targets lately, and closer to the line of scrimmage than Fuller targets so the weather will affect him less. Miami's defense is underrated; I'd be nervous starting Williams if I had better options available.
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