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  1. Latavius for sure - the Saints are going to have to give their RBs 30+ touches; there's no one else healthy in New Orleans. If Aaron Jones sits, I'd probably roll the dice with AJ Dillon over the other options. If Aaron Jones plays, I'd probably hold my nose and start Marvin Jones. He's been terrible the last two games, but Atlanta is such a bad defense that I think he should at least be serviceable. Good luck. Help with mine?
  2. Ordinarily I'm not a Jared Cook fan, but with Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders both out, should I be starting Cook over Jonnu Smith? (A tad worried about Jonnu's matchup against the Steelers, plus my opponent is starting Brees this week) WHIR (leave a link)
  3. I'd drop AB and pick up Cam. I'm not convinced that AB plays at all this year, and even if he does, is he going to take a substantial target share away from Metcalf or Lockett? The initial shine on the Cam-at-NewEngland experiment has dulled a bit, but he's still going to be rushing quite a bit, especially near the goal line. Note: Why do you list Drake as both your RB2 and Flex? Is there another player on your roster that was omitted?
  4. Yes! Don't waste time talking to me, punch YES on that trade RIGHT NOW!
  5. I'd go with Robinson, even in the tough matchup. Since both RBs are getting targets, and both are likely to be playing in negative (pass-friendly) game scripts, I'd roll with the guy catching passes on the better offense. Jacksonville is bad because their defense sucks, but their offense is functional and should score points. Even though Dallas has been playing bad defense, I just don't trust the Washingtonians to avoid shooting themselves in the foot.
  6. Much prefer the first trade to the second. Tannehill will be fine, and Newton should be good too if you decide pick him up. Totally worth it to get Kittle.
  7. Standard scoring. I need to start 2 out of 3 of these this week: Latavius, Woods, Cooks. Latavius is coming off the bye against a Carolina team that doesn't defend the run well but does decently against the pass. Brees doesn't look great, and there's a good chance Michael Thomas will be out again. This feels like a game where Kamara and Murray will split 30+ touches, and the Saints are 7-point favorites, so there is a high likelihood of a positive game script as well. Cooks started slow, but has gotten 21 targets in the last 2 weeks (notably without Bill O'Brien at the hel
  8. My initial thought was NO WAY.. but as I contemplate it more, the more I like it. Hunt will still have a ton of value even after Chubb returns, which was my immediate hesitation. Meanwhile, Mike Davis has usability for 2 more weeks max. BUT with Mostert having a high ankle sprain, it's looking more like McKinnon will have a larger role for a longer time. TY is done, and I'm worried about Jarwin (about the whole Cowboys offense, actually, given that most of their o-line is decimated). So getting Jonnu and Claypool just might make the deal worth it - both from the standpoint of g
  9. I agree with the other responders. Keep Thomas, and if you must, look for other deals elsewhere. I don't trust Dalton to be able to get Cooper the ball against shutdown corners, and Gurley has very little upside. I'm not a big fan of Harris, but at the very least you should be able to get more for Thomas.
  10. Allen and Brown for me. It's somewhat close since all 4 have injury histories, and 3 of them have missed time with injury this year. But the way Tannehill and Herbert are playing, I think Brown and Allen's values are more sustainable than Fuller/Godwin's.
  11. Thanks. But I also need a WR3. Woods or Cooks?
  12. Standard scoring, already starting Adams and Fuller. Need a WR3 and a FLEX from among these 3: Latavius Murray: Fresh off bye, and good matchup against CAR. Leaning towards him at FLEX Robert Woods: Terrible matchup against CHI, and Goff just isn't throwing the ball a lot. But if I don't start him, that means I have to start,,, Brandin Cooks: Not great matchup against GB, and already starting Fuller. But he may have more upside than Woods. Thoughts? I could grab Boston Scott and start him in my flex, but I don't really have anyone I can drop for him.
  13. Last week I lost to a previously 0-4 team by 0.08pts, watching Justin Jefferson come up a yard short on his final catch from giving me the victory. This week I lost to a previously 0-5 team by less than 5 points, watching Aaron Rodgers throw two picks and zero TDs; I don't know if that's ever happened before. 2-4, on a 2-game losing streak, and scheduled to face the #2 team in the league in points scored, who has a decent shot to welcome CMC back to his lineup next week! Misery loves company. Let's hear your bad beats so far in 2020.
  14. Start Cooper. Lamb and Moore are close for me; I have a slight preference for Moore, but could easily be talked into Lamb. But if you're only going to start one of the three, then definitely Cooper.
  15. Henderson. At least he has a chance of scoring a TD. All Harris' scoring opportunities are going to be vultured by Cam.
  16. Dr. David Chao (profootballdoc.com) thinks that even if Godwin plays this week that he will be limited. It's hard to imagine ever sitting Godwin, but Parker should smash this week against the Jets. As absurd as it may have sounded in August, I'd roll with Parker here.
  17. Yeah, and you don't have a ton of RB depth either, unless you have more confidence than I do that RoJo will be a consistent producer for the rest of the season. I think it will take someone like Sanders to lift DK, but honestly, I think you're better off hanging onto Sanders.
  18. Oof. I would not have done that trade. I think better days are ahead for both Mixon and Ertz, and Hardman's value will plummet when Watkins returns. Kittle is awesome, there's no doubt about that, but you have no RB depth if Jacobs gets hurt.
  19. Tannehill for consistency, Herbert for upside
  20. In a 1QB league I'd prefer AJB. In a 2QB league, Herbert has too much potential value as a QB2, I would stick with OBJ/Herbert.
  21. Stick with what you have. Tannehill is criminally underrated, and Waller is much more reliable than Hurst. Allen is playing out of his mind, but I have an easier time seeing Allen's performance fall off than Tannehill's.
  22. Fant of those options is the highest for me. Not sure when Goedert comes back - fully healthy I prefer Goedert to Engram, but even though he has underperformed, Engram is still getting decent numbers of targets. If you have the room to stash Goedert and play Fant, do it. But I have a suspicion that Engram is going to turn it around.
  23. I've got Conner and Hunt right next to each other in ROS value, so asking for Davis on top of Conner for Hunt makes the deal not worth it. Right now Davis is worth a lot; don't undersell him. After CMC gets back, he'll still be worth more to the other guy than he is to you, Conner should retain his value if he stays healthy, while Hunt is likely to drop when Chubb comes back.
  24. Golladay should be even better going forward than his ADP would have predicted, given how bad Marvin Jones is playing. I would take the deal. I understand the concern about trading with the guy you're playing this week. At this stage of the game, I wouldn't worry about that too much (unless you were 1-4 and already in must-win territory).
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