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  1. I hate trading for rentals, but in this case you might have no choice. Tonyan isn't going to do you any good on your bench. I'm intrigued by the idea floated above of seeing if you could land a top-8 ROS RB for Kelce in the hopes that Tonyan develops into an every week starter. But obviously only do that if you can get top dollar for Kelce.
  2. Godwin for JRob is definitely fair, and sorely needed based on your roster.
  3. Dalton? Are you answering for Metcalf or Cooper? lol
  4. Cousins is far and away the best choice of those options this week.
  5. I'm lower on Hill than most people, since he is hot-and-cold. When he's hot, he's REALLY hot, obviously, but I think the consistency of Brown might make that deal worth it.
  6. I'm not crazy about that deal. Kelce is obviously the big draw, and I do think better days are ahead for Stafford. But giving up Kyler and Kupp is a lot to ask
  7. First of all, I'd pass on the trade. RBs are just too valuable right now to give up Singletary without getting a RB in return. Cam is good, but you're not playing him over Allen most weeks, right? So the biggest benefit is getting Metcalf, and though I definitely like him better than Cooper I don't think the difference is enough to offset the loss of Singletary, and much less if you give up JJ as well. Stashing Goedert seems like a promising idea, but I'm leery of who to drop. Hurst hasn't been producing, but he is still getting targets. I'd be willing to hang onto Hurst to se
  8. Echoing some of the other comments - You're 2-3; you need wins now. Who knows what Bell's long term value is going to be, and the earliest Ekeler could be back is week 8. Ekeler will do you no good if you're 2-6. I'm definitely shopping OBJ if I have him; you might find someone who will overpay for him on name value alone, but I would want someone who will provide immediate value in return.
  9. Burrow > Dalton > Teddy for me. The loss of Tyron Smith really downgrades Dalton for me. But we've already seen how Burrow performs behind his sub-par offensive line, and both he and the line should get better as the season goes on.
  10. ..or is he matchup-proof? Obviously he's on fire, and Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind. But he's also had a cake schedule thus far: ATL-NE-DAL-MIA-MIN. After his bye, he gets ARI-SF-BUF-LAR-ARI-PHI-NYG-NYJ-WSH-LAR. It's a much tougher slate for WRs, even though the playoff matchups against the Jets and the Team-To-Be-Named-Later are good. He's also been super-efficient - the Minnesota game is the only game this year where he's caught more than 4 footballs; is that sustainable in the long haul? Where would you put him ROS vs guys like Golladay, Diggs, Godwin
  11. I wouldn't be in a hurry to sell Henderson, but with your lack of depth at WR it may be a good idea for you to do. Crowder is as solid as they come as a PPR WR3.
  12. I think this is a good deal for you to pursue. Both players are volatile, but having Fournette makes that situation a little more secure for you. And the rest of your RB corps after Henry is somewhat suspect, so it's worth it to go out and add depth. Thielen and Woods should be fine, so trading away an underutilized Moore after his first TD of the year is an acceptable risk.
  13. Since you can't keep Lamar, the player who I would value the highest in dynasty would be Ruggs. He doesn't have a huge role now, but I expect it to grow over time. It's worth it if you have a legitimate chance of winning this year, but you're mortgaging a lot of your future to do it, so I'd only do it if I was really in contention. Otherwise I would stream the QB and hope for the best.
  14. If you can stream, I'd start with Fitzmagic against the Jets next week. In terms of long-term every week appeal, I'd probably go with Dalton first, then Carr. If you can afford 2 roster spots for a QB, I'd pick up Dalton, and then stream Fitz in week 7. Good luck!
  15. Should I drop MVS or Hurst for Cooks, or just stand pat? Other WRs are Adams, Woods, Fuller, and Jefferson. Other TE is Jonnu Start 3WR, 1TE, and 1FLEX, standard scoring. Thanks in advance. WHIR (leave a link)
  16. Hunt and Robinson for sure. I'd start Fuller at WR. Henry is the obvious FLEX if he plays. If you're worried about the game being canceled, then it depends on how lucky you feel. I think Woods has the safest floor (even last week's disappointment notwithstanding), but Brown has the most upside in a pretty good matchup.
  17. Moore for sure. I still slightly favor Drake over Slayton - as strange as Drake's usage has been, he's still the starting RB on an offense that is pretty good. I don't trust the Giants offense at all, even in a matchup that should favor offensive output.
  18. What other QBs are available if you make this trade? On the surface, I would trade Stafford for Edmonds if I already had Drake in dynasty in a heartbeat, especially with good QB depth like you have in Mahomes and Burrow. However, being a 2QB league, you really don't want to be without a 3rd startable QB. I would do what I could do to line up another QB option, and then yes pursue that trade.
  19. I'd pick up Anderson for sure - I think you'll have a nice asset that you'd be able to use more often than not. I'm not a big fan of holding onto 2 DSTs at this point of the season. Maybe you can afford it more after the bye weeks and when you get closer to playoffs. But I'd happily drop either defense for Anderson. I think PIT has a better defense overall, but BAL has a better playoff schedule, so it's a toss-up for me as to which I'd drop. I'd probably drop PIT for Anderson.
  20. 12-team non-PPR Superflex, start 3WR plus 1Flex in addition to the 2QBs. Other WRs on my roster are Davante Adams, Robert Woods, Will Fuller, and Justin Jefferson. So this is just a bench stash.. My feeling is that MVS has more value than Cooks right now while Lazard is out, but Cooks might have more potential to increase his value in the coming weeks than MVS does. Then again, Cooks might just be washed up. Thoughts? Thanks in advance; WHIR (leave a link..)
  21. I think your roster is pretty good. I'd be open for a trade but wouldn't race out and desperately try to drum one up. Most importantly, I don't see players on your roster at significant risk of losing value in the coming weeks. And you have decent depth to be able to ride out bye weeks. So my gut would be to sit tight for now and then revisit the issue in a week or two.
  22. I like Robby over Edelman this week, myself. Who to drop for him would be an interesting question - I'd probably drop Freeman.. Gonzalez should be fine this week. I'm also big on Blankenship if he's available.
  23. ..how high would Bernard rise in your rankings? Rank these 3 for if Mixon is out: Bernard, Latavius, Moss. (I might have to start one or two..) WHIR, leave a link..
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