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  1. I've got a $25 league running on playbalto.com, if you'd like to join. We have over 90+ players on it right now --with $2.5k payout for the winner. Email me at nick.5montana@gmail.com, if you'd like to play with us this season or learn more!
  2. LAST CALL!!! NFL kicks off today (thank god!!)...my annual $100 pick'em pool on www.playbalto.com is filling up quickly, but I'm looking for even more folks to join (goal is 50+). Right now, we're at 33+ committed players! $3k+ in prize money! If you're interested in joining a great crew of football fans that like to talk smack...and make some money while doing so, reach out to me at nick.5montana@gmail.com I'm happy to provide rules, payments, payouts or any question you may have. Also, if you want to join my $25 survivor pool league, let me know. I'm keeping that open to join until
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