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  1. I got another offer for my first pic in a dynasty superflex startup, my 1.02 for his 2.09, 4.09 & 5.04. I want Mahomes or CMC here but I could get a lot of extra starters from these picks. Is this a good offer? I can always counter. QB 1 RB 2 WR 2 TE 1 W/R/T 2 W/R/T/Q 1 DST 1 BN 15
  2. 1.01 is on the clock, I am assuming hes taking Mahomes or CMC, so I can get the RB1 or QB1. Maybe he will go Saquon and both could be available.
  3. Ill see if he takes it, might have to keep the 1.02 if these offers dont get better. Thanks!
  4. CEH has to have the highest ceiling, Andy Reid likes workhorse backs, best offense in the NFL and his only competition is Damien Williams who cant stay healthy. I would take him at 1.01
  5. Thanks, a lot of people want my pick to get inside the top 2 but I dont think any of them are offering enough. But I am also new to Dynasty so its tough to Judge. Ya I have Thomas at 1.04 so pretty close. Thanks Bandito!
  6. New to Dynasty, superflex league half PPR & TE bonus. How much should I give the 1.02 away for? Some guy offered me the 1.09 & 3.09 for my 1.02 and 9.02. Doesnt feel like enough for me to give up Mahomes or CMC. Maybe counter for his 1.09 and 2.04 for my 1.02 and 9.02? QB 1 RB 2 WR 2 TE 1 W/R/T 2 W/R/T/Q 1 DST 1 BN 15
  7. Well they cant score without you scoring, I would say you have a good chance.
  8. I would go Denver, but wait for the weather forecast. Both are outdoors in colder climates, could be a factor.
  9. Ya, 0.01% chance he gets negative points, play him.
  10. Set the record score in my league this week (yay) but lost my best WR. Who is the best half PPR replacement for next week? Thanks! AJ Brown vs NO Perriman vs HOU Pascal vs CAR Mclaurin vs NYG QB - Tannehil WR - Keenan Allen, RB - CMC, Barkley TE - Hooper FLX - Mixon, Miles Sanders
  11. The jets do 1 thing well, stop the run, I would go with Lindsay this week by a smidge.
  12. I feel like Tannehill is safer with Winston's thumb injury.
  13. Somehow I got him with 6% of my FAAB when other teams with like 40% did not even bid. I see some "experts" putting him in the top 12 if Jacobs is out? Is that safe? I have 2 flex spots and my other flex options are Sanders vs WAS, Mixon vs NE, AJ Brown vs Houston, Laird vs NYG, Pascal vs NO
  14. Cohen if Mont is out, Mostert if Mont plays.
  15. I will take Sanders. Injury concerns, worse team, also in a time share.
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