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  1. Signing AB definitely limits Edelman. Less normal targets, less red zone targets. Probably drops Edelman from 14th to 20th rank for me in PPR. He’ll still be a WR2, just a lower end one now.
  2. Stick fat, go for the SB. I doubt Gordon even plays this year.
  3. A! I really rate AJ Green, but with question marks on when he’s fit, go A.
  4. Fuller, Texans be chasing points against the saints. Fuller will get plenty of targets and 1 TD.
  5. Defs start Ekeler. I’d go Kupp, he was on fire pre-injury last year and I expect him to get back to that form quickly. I’d like to see how Coleman gets used in week 1 before committing to him.
  6. It’s pretty close, could go either way. Fuller will definitely get a bucketloads of targets against the Saints, Texans will be chasing plenty of points. Fuller could score anywhere from 6-18 points. White should be solid, but maybe 6-15 points. I’d go Fuller, but could easily toss a coin.
  7. Moncrief. As above, I’m not sure Sanders will ever be more than a flex play due to his situation though
  8. Easy trade. Hope you made it. I’d prefer Jones over Williams and Duke over Howard, so it’s a big win IMO
  9. Should finish around top 30, so potentially a flex option depending on the number of teams in your league and his weekly matchup. Nothing more though, he’s not going to break into the top 20-24 with his QB situation.
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