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  1. I have seen these two rated near each other in every ranking. Smith played great in Walkers absence last year and Jarwin is more of an unknown. thoughts? Will help in return.
  2. I got MaHomes at the end of the 2nd round, but I get your point. Owners in my league don’t value QBs as high as others, first QB is always mid to late 2nd round. I got him last pick in the 2nd (24th). He was was the 1st QB taken though.
  3. Drop Mayfield, pick up Perriman in case Godwin doesn’t play. Other than that you are good. Help with mine
  4. Barkley, Fournette, Mostert, Andrews. Help with mine.
  5. I would go with Perriman if you can get him, if not Slayton is better than the rest, especially if Engram is still out. Help with mine.
  6. Ok, I am in the championship, money league, and I am underdog. He has a little better team due to an injury on my team and he has good matchups. So I need an edge, so do I go with MaHomes vs Chicago or put in the backup and the hot hand in J. Winston vs Houston? Mahomes was drafted to be my stud, but with the last couple weeks Winston has had he is hard to ignore this week with a much better matchup (HOU is 25th vs QBs where CHI is 9th). So, do I sit my “stud”? WHIR
  7. If you have Carson and Penny, and can only start one in PPR, who do you start?
  8. If you have Carson and Penny, and can only start one in PPR, who do you start?
  9. Partial keeper league, only reason I still have him. Drafted him late enough that I can keep him for next year, assuming he goes to a good offense...
  10. I am not in "win now mode" (have best record) even with my terrible byes this week and next week (Barkley and Carson on bye this week, Mahomes and Kelce next week). Even with that all said, I am only keeping him as of now because our league is a partial keeper league (can keep 2 players drafted after round 6 for 1 year). Well, with his surgery I got him after round 6. If he goes to a good team in the off season I could have a top 3 WR for a 6th rounder. Only reason he is still on my roster, plus we have deep benches (7 RB/WR/TE bench positions in 12 team league) so ther
  11. 2 weeks ago my 2 staring RBs in my 12 team money league were: Carson/Ingram. Without dealing any other starters, only backups as teams needed help during bye weeks (I had drafted VERY good depth) I first traded Ingram for Chubb with a good backup. After Chubb played 1 game for me I traded Chubb and 2 backups for Barkley and John Brown. So I went from Ingram to Chubb to Barkley in 2 weeks without dealing any other starters... I still am “ok” with some bye fillers but this really set me up well for playoff time starting lineups...especially
  12. I definitely do this trade, you are swapping 4th and 5th RBs and gaining a top flight TE. This guy must be REALLY hurting at RB right now. Definitely do it. Thanks for the help on mine.
  13. PPR, but TEs are "special" in our scoring, 1 pt for 5 yards and 10 pts for TD, makes TEs score about same as WRs. I get: Saquon Barkley, John Brown, Philip Rivers (I have Mahomes, need a QB) I give: Nick Chubb, Calvin Ridley, Eric Ebron (isn't that bad to give up, I have Kelce as starter)
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