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  1. Free ESPN League, start up. 5 Spots remaining in 12 team league. Pick 1 team from the East and 1 from the West. Those 2 teams are what your roster will comprise of. No draft. See link below for info or to directly join. Thanks, https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/join?leagueId=1737359435&inviteId=b43592c0-8ece-4b71-acba-045cb9e7a319
  2. Free ESPN Hockey, League called, "Team League". 10 team league, your team consists of New York Islanders/ San Jose Sharks. Only players from those 2 teams comprise your roster. Follow link below to begin to play. Thanks, https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league/join?leagueId=21185&inviteId=803073e0-33fd-4984-9ccd-304d501e4de4
  3. See if this works for you. Free Flea Flicker 6 keeper league, Est. 2017, H2H Points, Daily lineups. League named," NBA 2 Division League". 2 openings, pick your choice, Follow link below for info or to join directly if you wish to. Thanks, https://www.fleaflicker.com/nba/leagues/21694/invited
  4. Free Flea flicker league. Est. 2010, H2H Points. League named, "Twisted League". Please follow link below for info and or to join. Thanks, https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/98946/invited
  5. Free Yahoo Fantasy football, Re Draft, League drafts tonight Sun. 8/30 @ 7PM PST. Follow link below for invite, Thanks https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/710631/invitation?key=f11e4765690a3519&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=353e0695d3318a16
  6. To view team Suicide Squad open link. Go to black yahoo toolbar and open Draft. Then scroll down to Last season's final slate open and scroll down to Suicide Squad. Thanks, Albert
  7. Here is the correct link, sorry for the confusion. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/gameswithoutfrontiers
  8. Yes, Dex. you can keep up to 6 players less if you wish. You can keep your players slotted in that round every year you wish to keep them. IE I believe since the league is from 2014 that owner probably picked him as a handcuff to Brady. My apologies for the bad link, usually it works. If your interested leave your e-mail for an invite and then you can research the league better. Thanks, Albert
  9. Free Yahoo 6 keeper league. Est. 2014.League named, Games without Frontiers.Keepers are slotted for this years draft in they round they were chosen last season.Example, team available Suicide squad should they wish keep Garopallo at in the 22nd round should they wish.Ant questions, please see link below for information or if you like join now. Thanks, Albert gameswithoutfrontiers, if you can't get through on link, e-mail me for direct invite.
  10. See if this works for you, Free Flea Fantasy Baseball, Daily head to head scoring. 8 keepers. League named, "Big League Baseball". See info below and see if this works for you.Thanks, https://www.fleaflicker.com/mlb/leagues/12316/invited
  11. Free 4 keeper, daily head to head scoring. Flea fantasy baseball. Please see link below for info. Thanks https://www.fleaflicker.com/mlb/leagues/13024/invited
  12. Free 10 keeper daily roto scoring needs one.Flea fantasy Baseball. Please see link below for info. Thanks https://www.fleaflicker.com/mlb/leagues/10336/invited
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