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  1. I think this is the kind of game JT can consistently give the Colts as long as he’s getting touches. It’s hard to be productive with 8 touches per game. Even in this game he didn’t have incredible stats through about 7 carries but his next 8 were pretty solid. You have to let him develop a rhythm and sprinkle in Hines as the COP back. Reich’s rotation is silly.
  2. That’s the real drawback to the situation. The running back rotation is not ideal but the line isn’t moving people as well as it did last year. I will say the one drive every game where they just hand the ball to Taylor 6-7 straight times they usually move between the 20’s pretty easily. Then Hines comes in and that’s how Rodrigo Blankenship leads the league in scoring.
  3. Wilkins is a waste of touches. And Rivers checks out of a lot of run plays. I feel like they would’ve been just fine sticking with Brisset.
  4. As a long time Julio guy I have to admit I’m a little uneasy about this particular hamstring injury. Usually he guts it out and plays through it but he really didn’t look right last week. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him sit for a week. If he says he’s good to go though you pretty much have to start him.
  5. I think Frank Reich told the truth in the off-season when he said the “hot hand” was the approach they were taking with the running backs. Based on the type of back he is I think JT is going to get more than his fair share of opportunities early in games to be the hot hand. Maybe there’s a game here and there where Phil throws picks on the first two possessions and the Colts are playing from behind but it’s hard for me to envision this offense not going through Taylor first and second with Hines getting about 30-35 percent of the RB touches over the course of the season.
  6. This ref with the mask over his nose and eyes is killing me.
  7. Bengals out there looking like the old Browns. And by old Browns I mean the Browns from about 15 minutes ago.
  8. Mixon owners punching the air right now. Wait that’s me in one of my leagues.
  9. Joe just looks like he hasn’t adjusted to the speed of the pro game yet. Second game of his career on a short week. He’ll be ok.
  10. Not bad for a WR3. As a Browns fan it was nice to finally see that connection.
  11. I’m in for the flyer on Davis. Tannehill had 43 attempts on Monday so I’m not expecting that to continue but Davis and Brown were equal and Smith/Humphries were right behind in terms of targets. I think this pass game can be efficient enough to support a WR2 and a Flex play out of their receivers with Jonnu Smith being a wildcard. I’d like to see this for a couple weeks before I throw Davis in the lineup but he’s absolutely worth the add right now.
  12. Browns fan here with zero shares of Baker or Odell. Here’s the issue I see: zero chemistry between these two guys. When Odell is the first read Baker doesn’t stick with him long enough. Beckham is actually getting open but Baker goes to his next read just before that happens. In the first half, can’t remember if it was the first or second drive, Baker hit one of the TEs on an out just as Odell made it by his guy in zone coverage with nobody over the top. Would’ve been an easy TD. Instances like that happened a lot last year too. As a result OBJ becomes a headcase and starts dropping the ball w
  13. Just prepare yourself for seeing Thursday practice reports with Julio being limited or maybe listed as a non participant. The only time you should worry is if he misses a Friday before a Sunday game. He’s a bigger receiver and takes a lot of hits to the legs. He’ll limp off the field and be back two plays later. It took me some time but I’ve had him on my teams a lot in his career and he’s as dependable as they come.
  14. Probably also a good time to let people know who may have never drafted Julio before that he takes himself off the field several times per game. There will be times you turn on the Falcons and you won’t find Jones at receiver. No need to panic. He’ll be back in and Matt Ryan will be looking his way.
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