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  1. Down by 6. My Carson vs His Penny. Win and in. Lose and Im out. I hate this haha
  2. Not even confident when he does come back. That offense is anemic.
  3. My only other option is Kirk. So it’s either a hurt Sanders or Kirk against a nasty defense at home. Think I have to roll with Sanders.
  4. Fighting for a playoff seat at #7 with a few weeks left. Really not sure if I should hold on. Anyone holding or plan on starting against LAR or PIT?
  5. Drake didn’t travel with the team during the weekend because of an impending trade so that tells me even before the Edmonds injury and Kliff’s comments tell me something might be off with DJ.
  6. Starting one league and sitting in the other. Can’t go all in on a guy like this and when I say a guy like this I mean Nagy.
  7. High ankle type issue? What does that even mean?
  8. Traded away for Edelman don’t know how I pulled that off
  9. Seems like a painful hold. Don’t see anyone you can realistically get in return unless you just want to dump him.
  10. Would we be saying the same if Brees was playing? The answer is yes because CMC is f’in QB proof!
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