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  1. Please send details to siscosandoval18@gmail.com I am interested.
  2. I am interested. Can i get more derails at siscosandoval18@gmail.com
  3. My email is siscosandoval18@gmail.com Can i get a set of the constitution?
  4. Is there a buy in for the league? Either way I am interested.
  5. Siscosandoval18@gmail.com Im interested if there are spots available
  6. I get an error when i try to send you an email? My email is siscosandoval18@gmail.com I am highly interested.
  7. I'm interested if positions are still available. Email is siscosandoval18@gmail.com
  8. Im interested! My email is siscosandoval18@gmail.com
  9. I would have to double check with the commish, but as if a few hours ago, we have 1 open spot in our Dynasty Roto league. Still looking for an owner. If interested in details, let me know.
  10. Are you still in need of gm's? I am highly interested.
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