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  1. Why Are the stats not accruing in my ESPN league?
  2. Yeah it's not unfair and I would say it's fair all depends on scoring system and particular needs and depth.
  3. Someone dropped Boucher on Friday so he will be through waivers on Tuesday. I am leaning Edwards but he is explosive and payton is anything but. Payton gets more minutes now but who knows if that will be true much longer. Thanks for all the input.
  4. Picking up Boucher. Need help in dumping who of the following: Aldridge, E. Payton, or Anthony Edwards? I can make a case for and against each of them . Thanks
  5. Someone waived and I have just had two setbacks to Caris, and CJ Mocollum so would like some upside. Is he worth it ? Thanks
  6. I lost Because CD ran one in for no reason and I had Zeke I am cursed
  7. I have similar delema with Kennan being hurt. I am going with Jalen because of Dallas and the implied Eagles points
  8. I believe he will be playing as Vegas has the Ravens favored by 8. I don't see them getting 8 if they have any inclination that one of the other two backups have a reasonable shot and being the QB.
  9. I bet a bundle on Chris Carson rushing for over 50 yards. Carroll gives him two touches in the second half WTF
  10. I would go Bridgewater, likely the QB of a team with much higher scoring if you look at the total points lines. Also think the run will dominate so Hill may need 2 rushing TDs to win this choice.
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