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  1. im saying yes. buy low on lev. brown = anderson in boom or bust ceiling and lev is still a 1st round rb for a waiver wire rb.
  2. im going w/ mixon. i know its a bad o line but im taking a starting rb on a team with a rookie qb any day over a rb whos 2nd on his team.
  3. no. we dont know whats going to happen each week in SF backfield enough to trust coleman after last week. stick with jones and hope adams comes back strong this week.
  4. you will get the ints with jamis, but hes going to be throwing for 300+ yards in this shootout. wentz has underperformed each week. go with the volume.
  5. i like woods. with cooks out, im not buying the reynolds hype. cooks and kupp should control the game
  6. im avoiding DJ until he can prove he can play an ENTIRE game. not worth the risk this week if you have samuels, a safer pick with a similar ceiling.
  7. kirks matchup is too good to pass.
  8. r. jones vs ari C. kirk vs TB who are you playing in flex
  9. i like this. no need for mattison without cook and you get a starting rb in return
  10. kamara and kupp and im in http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/782805-trade-help-whir-100/
  11. i like this deal. you are safe with stafford and lock in a TE, where you desperately need
  12. Would you be starting John brown and gallop each week without? If so I’d say make the trade, you are solid with those two RBs but would need a wr for playoff push.
  13. I like the Chark and Jacobs idea. I’m not getting rid of An RB1 and Potential WR1 for anything less than Godwin or Thomas at this point
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