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  1. #1 Yes drop Lockett for Watkins #2 Yes drop OJ, but I think the best option is Waller to pick up than Andrews. #3 No, keep Brees
  2. You would take a big hit at WR losing both Robinson and Lockett. I don't know if you could swing it.
  3. The thing with John Ross is AJG is coming back at some point and that will lower his value. This guy McLaurin not only got over 100 yards in week 1 for Washington, but more importantly he had 7 catches and don't have much competition at the WR position. I would go with McLaurin.
  4. Ross like you said is a definite. Now I would also seriously target Hollywood Brown because still with just Ross that would leave your WR's looking like this: Julio, Marvin Jones, Ross, AJG, Samuel, and Allison. So basically it is Julio and the other guys with upside. I would drop Allison as well and target Hollywood Brown.
  5. I really don't know of any other player. Maybe Freeman or Hyde, but I don't know about that either.
  6. I think you have to drop Will Fuller
  7. I would move up Hollywood Brown on the priority list a bit even though your WR's are nice already. I also agree Hockenson needs to be added to the priority list.
  8. Ronald Jones is no guarantee to continue to produce at week one productivity and be ahead of Peyton Barber. I would definitely go with Hock as more of the guarantee. You will be kicking yourself after week two if you pick Jones and he puts up 3 carries and 2 yards and Peyton Barber carries 16 times for 85 yards.
  9. Someone offered you this? If so take it in a heart beat.
  10. The only thing you are missing is you haven't accepted the trade yet.
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