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  1. Can someone explain why he is a must add? Latavius Murray should be the guy right? It's also not like Kamara is on the IR.
  2. Kinda reminds me of prime Marshall Faulk with a little bit of Edgerrin James.
  3. 49ers Defense is just insanely good... I've never seen anything like it.
  4. Who should I start? I'm projected to win by about 10 so looking for the safest pick.
  5. The issue is that Cleveland uses OBJ like if you just get it in his hands he will magically score TD's. If you didn't have a specific plan for how OBJ fits in your offense then why trade for him? It doesn't make sense to trade for a top WR if you have to try to figure out how to get the ball in his hands. Why is OBJ throwing passes and running end arounds?
  6. They could've read the book of Genesis to us and it would've been more entertaining
  7. Not another Genesis halftime music video... Makes me want to buy anything else
  8. If Sammy Watkins is injured then Mecole retains the ability to be a boom or bust flex... If Watkins and Tyreek are both playing he is a drop. Mahomes spreads the ball out enough that he will always have a very realistic floor of zero. I think I would want more injury news before I drop but I also wouldn't advise against it.
  9. As a chubb owner, I've been looking to deal him given that Hunt poses a risk. However, when I'm looking for a trade target, I have trouble finding running backs in a similar price range that do not have some kind of red flag. Ive decided to stick with Chubb.
  10. What's not clicking is why you are hijacking a thread by telling us you said to bench a player that had a great game but got a TD called back.
  11. Still don't know what point you are trying to make about DJ Chark besides reading his point total to us.
  12. If the only point you are trying to make is that he had 8.5 points, then I'm not sure what value you are bringing to the forum. So you said he would have a bad game? I watched the game and he didn't have a bad game. He looked like an elite receiver against a very good cover corner. Bringing up that you said he would have a bad game and claiming you were right bc his TD got called back adds no value to the thread.
  13. You are missing the point. Football is a flukey sport. If you only look at points you will always be chasing points and losing leagues. Look at quality targets and watch games. Chark had a great game.
  14. Yeah but nobody drafted Miles Sanders for his first quarter of the season... He was always expected to get off to a slow start.
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