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  1. Exactly, and what do you do?? Can’t trade them, plus it’s a dynasty league so that makes it even more hard. Basically gotta suck it up and let it play out!
  2. Bad luck for sure... I’m in a dynasty 12 team league and I’m going to be 2-3. I’ve made tons of trades and my lineup is this... qb- wentz rb-cmc rb-cook wr-OBJ wr-hopkins wr-evans te-olsen Had this roster all season and I struggle to win games.
  3. I feel ya. It’s a close trade IMO. Still think i’d Pull the trigger personally!
  4. I think I would. You’d have a handle on SEA backfield, hopefully Nagy figures out Mont is his best RB and Ridley will see better days
  5. Tough one. Maybe do a 2 for 1? I would think about Hilton and Lindsay. Not sure if he would do that. I think I still prefer Evans
  6. Watched the game last night and have zero shares. But I was playing a guy who had him in at flex. Gotta say, made me nervous every time he touched that ball.. looked like he was close to breaking open a few big plays. I know the Packers Run D was awful, but I thought he looked pretty good with his opportunities. The ball security is definitely an issue. Close fumble in the red zone.
  7. Hope this is the right thread, but can we name some guys who struggled the first 2-3 weeks last season and ended up putting up good numbers?
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