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  1. He'll want to get out and play to prove he's healthy / deserves a big contract. Definitely not rushing back though if there's a risk of re-injury. Which of course there always is with him.
  2. It's a crazy stat for sure that he's missed so few games. It's the same deal with him and Matt Breida though. Frustrating to own. Breida played almost all the games last year, but he had to have been playing through an injury in almost every game, and more often than not missed a fair amount of snaps in each game. Both still produce when they are on the field though, regardless.
  3. Schedule hasn't been that easy... Bengals only had 25 rushing yards vs the 49ers last week. There's some hope ahead against the Bengals next week. If you're going to try to trade him, definitely wait till after that game. If he can't get it done vs the Bengals, then he's a complete disaster.
  4. Do people even watch the games? OJ Howard legit volleyball tossed one up for a pick. Don't need bruce arians to "forgive him" for that one to see it wasn't his fault
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