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  1. Lol, yeah my RB situation is looking pretty grim, but I’m gonna roll out Pollard (w or wo Zeke) instead of this Ogunbo dude.
  2. Cook, Jefferson, and Sanders owner, went up against Kamara and Thielen. Kamara alone outscored *and some* all three of my players wtf!
  3. That’s it. Done bro, nothing to look forward to the next 3 days of football lol
  4. And renders the next 3 days of football no fun at all
  5. That’s it Sanders ain’t getting anymore targets for the rest of the game
  6. Man this really sucks, first NFL game in the ship week and Kamara is ripping runs off with 3 touchdowns in the first half
  7. I did the same.. I don’t even see him in a lot of the snaps 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. Lattimore looking like he got Jefferson’s number..
  9. No more from Kamara! Vikings defense looks like a a high schooler can score on them.
  10. Gaskin or Ahmed against LV’s swiss cheese run D?
  11. Fair comparison then against the Raiders’ swiss cheese run defense 👍
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