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  1. JRob no practice today.... Doesn’t seem likely he starts??
  2. I just can’t trust Conner this week..... Fool me once, shame on you..... fool me twice....
  3. [...] I’ll fire him up today! RB2 at worst, RB1 at best.
  4. Here we go again........ Thu, Dec 3 "Dolphins coach Brian Flores said he won’t decide until Sunday whether they’re confident Tua Tagovailoa (thumb) can go or if Ryan Fitzpatrick will start."
  5. Those are TUA updates. If TUA isn't on my team, I don't get TUA's updates. Fitz updates on HIS profile were NOT provided in Yahoo.
  6. I'm playing Gallman over James Conner TBH... Gallman is HOT @ the right time. Freeman out and Gallman is RB1/2 for sure.
  7. I'd like to thank Yahoo Fantasy for NOT providing an update that Fitz was starting over Tua....
  8. Safe floor game..... Wanted more, but I’ll take it right now.
  9. I think Cooks is a must-start with Cobb on IR. fire him up!!
  10. Is Teddy’s return going to hurt Moore this week??
  11. The best player for CIN now might end up being Bullock...
  12. Stashed him for this very moment..... Let’s GOOOO! is Tua hurt, or just bad? Didn’t watch today.
  13. I’m starting Tee over Thielen this week..... MATCH ME!!
  14. The Steelers list Samuels(quadriceps) as out for Sunday's game against the Jaguars, Dale Lolley of DKPittsburghSports.com reports. Does this change ANYTHING??
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