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  1. I wouldn’t take him in round one until there is some clarity with Marlon Mack. When Mack comes back there will be 3 RBs in the mix there.
  2. Teams have footage on him now so he’s not surprising anyone and he doesn’t have the talent of CMC where he can just overwhelm defenses. I also think Rhule is outsmarting himself and trying to use Davis as a decoy to be more balanced on offense and it’s not really working. i expect 8 points as usual this week
  3. Pack it up boys, time to close up shop. @Impreza178 can you turn out the lights when you leave? Thanks
  4. Hines is better in almost every facet of the game I see why Taylor is used sparingly
  5. If he’s out 2+ weeks and the panthers are out of contention. I could see them shutting him down this year.
  6. This was not a good game to judge his value going forward. The only thing you can take from this game is the high snap count. AB is going to be on the field alot. There are alot of mouths to feed, so I don't know how the targets will breakdown but I imagine AB will be the near the top of the food chain there soon.
  7. That just shows how inconsistent the RB position has been more than anything...
  8. Starting him over CEH... that’s not saying much, I’d start a lot of people over CEH right now
  9. CMC is probably the top target in the passing game when healthy. 15 points for him is like 60 yards rushing and 40 yards receiving on 5 catches. that’s a bad game for him lol
  10. ABs conditioning is never in question, he's one of the hardest working dudes in the league. His mental state may not be there but physically he's still in his prime.
  11. I hate leagues where there is no trade activity....I've actually dropped from a league because like 10 out of the 12 owners rather lose than trade On the other hand, my main league is insanely active with trades. Half the fun of fantasy is trying to build a strong team, via trades and waivers....because we all know the draft is a crapshoot.
  12. Bell taking half the touches on his first game was not expected. I feel like CEH is destined to be a COP back within 3-4 weeks at this pace.
  13. Mike Davis is losing a lot of steam now that teams have footage on him and are accounting for him in the game plan. That illustrates the difference between him and CMC...there is nothing you can do to stop CMC, doesn’t matter how much you prep. After the recent loses I think it’s safe to say CMC returns to AT LEAST 80% of the snaps.
  14. He made an idiotic play that cost them the game but was great for fantasy owners.... But this is a lost season for the Falcons so I doubt they try to punish him for the loss.
  15. Yeah the writing is on the wall...CEH is going to be on the bad side of a split as early as next week. Id put CEH well behind that group now.
  16. It’s going to be a 50/50 by next week and then it’s up for grabs. I assume Bell will be the lead back
  17. I’d say an injury to Godwin or Evans is almost a certainty at this point.
  18. Good luck this seems like an awful idea, but I like the courage....
  19. I thinking about starting Williams but....Ideally this would be a perfect time to feature AJ Dillion and get a glimpse of what they have in him. Jones is an UFA next year and going to cost a ton. If you can replace with him Dillion and Williams then that's a win for the Pack.
  20. Why don't you see it? Just curious... If AB is even 75% of his normal self, then he's still a top 10 talent in the league. That's how insane he was in his prime. Despite what you think about him off the field, on the field he's one of the smartest WRs ever and possibly the best route runner of all time. He picked up the Pats offense in a week and was able to contribute. The Pats had a notoriously complicated offensive scheme btw. Brady has no reliable weapons in this offense that are consistently available. Evans has been hurt for weeks, Godwin has barely played this se
  21. He definitely will. If you remember last year McCoy fumbled and we basically never saw him again. He doesn’t give a lot of chances to RBs if there is someone capable to take their spot
  22. Yeah to say it’s just the offense is disrespectful. Davis runs with insane power, something that CMC doesn’t have. Now he’s not nearly as talented as CMC, don’t get me wrong. Where CMC can make guys miss tackles because of his skill, Davis is making guys miss because he runs through them. But the end result is still the same for both.
  23. My prediction(which means absolutely nothing) going forward is.... KC goes slightly more run heavy now and Bell and CEH split touches almost 50/50. That means 12-15 touches out of the backfield per RB, but 100% GL goes to Bell. The major difference is Bell will also spend a lot of time in the slot while CEH is on the field. Bell - mid RB1 CEH - low RB2
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