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  1. It’s ridiculous, I know, but true. I lived in Arizona and I also wasn’t able to pay through Yahoo nor play daily fantasy on Draft Kings and other sites. There are a few other states like this as well. Makes no sense to me. I usually end up paying my league fees though LeagueSafe or directly to someone’s PayPal. I’d love to join your league but unless there is some way around this count me out.
  2. Got the invite but because I live in WA state I'm not able to pay through Yahoo. Anyway around this?
  3. I will take team 1. Please send the invite to treborr44@yahoo.com
  4. I would be interested in your $75 keeper league if you still have an opening.
  5. I am interested in participating but I live in WA state and they do not allow me to enter cash games through yahoo. Would that be a problem? Would I be able to use Paypal?
  6. If you still have the opening I would also like to see the roster. Thank you.
  7. If anyone is starting a new Yahoo hockey money keeper league I would be very interested. If it is an existing league I would consider it but it has to be a money league. Rob
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