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  1. Should I drop either Lamarcus aldridge or goran dragic for demarcus cousins? And if so which one?
  2. Feel like i cant drop but hes not doing anything. Upside still there youd think though
  3. Espn screwing me over removing his out status along with kevin love for seemingly no reason?
  4. I just joined as I am interested in getting into dynasty. Do you have an idea as to when you will hold your startup draft and rookie draft?
  5. As someone who owns both kamara and latavius im considering starting both for more of a solid floor play
  6. i dont know how anyone could feel comfortable dropping davis after what happened last time cmc returned. Especially considering the playoffs is when you want to stock up on handcuffs as all BYEs are over
  7. I want to see a closer game, it definitely looks awful with Hill at qb but I think a big part is also just the fact they havent needed kamara at all
  8. DK to not outscore goedert by 6. Not very confident
  9. From what ive read. Brees is hopeful to return as fast as possible which would be week 14. However week 15 seems to be the most realistic return time but also the latest. He is apparently making good progress. If the Saints continue to win they might be hesitant to bring him back early but I would also imagine that brees wants to get back out there as fast as he can.
  10. Id keep aiyuk for sure, meyers maybe the next closest
  11. Id keep an eye out for whats going on with the Steelers game because I like diontae the most, if you arent feeling comfortable with it by sunday id go robinson.
  12. Im starting taysom this week, but he has a lot of risk to him. Carr has a nice mix of upside and floor hes probably your best option but taysom if you need a miracle to win this week
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