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  1. I have Conner and I think the 2 weeks off helps him; He has been playing since week 4.
  2. .5ppr - Should I flex Akers vs Pats Thursday night or Diontae Johnson vs. Buffalo? Thoughts?
  3. Chiefs vs. Dolphins 49ers vs. Washington TB vs. Vikings Thoughts?
  4. .5PPR- Snell is most likely the answer but what does everyone think?
  5. Smith Darnold Coin flip between Dalton and Allen
  6. .5ppr - I spent up on Ballage when he was the hot Waiver add and White was just dropped, should I drop Ballage to pick up White?
  7. Stash 49ers D, Brandon Aiyuk, Mattison? Or roll with 49ers? I am dropping Reagor regardless for either Mattison or Aiyuk. Oh, I am 6-6 in 6th place. Thoughts? RBs- Conner (Covid IR), Monty, Edmonds, Moss, Ballage, Ackers WRs- Diggs, M. Thomas, Diontae Jonhson, Kenny G, Reagor DST- Packers
  8. Well I am down 26 pts and if I lose I will be 6-6 and will be in 6th place. I highly doubt either will get me 26 + so this is a dart throw if anything.
  9. .5ppr - I am going back and forth with this. It appears that the Ravens/ Steelers game is good to go but should I chance it? Thoughts?
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