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  1. Might have to move him off NA if Locastro goes on IL. D-Backs had Pavin Smith at CF today.
  2. I've picked him up for today.Consider him start-to-start.Good match up.Hope the winds aren't blowing out.
  3. He's getting the PT in Texas.Ride him while it lasts.But be ready to move on.
  4. Drop Dahl and bid $21.Expand circle of fantasy friends.
  5. Couldn't find a thread and he's deserving.Glad he's back and hope it's to stay.Certainly no major obstacles in D.C.Anyone else biting?
  6. If a statistical equivalent is on FA no need to roster a back up SS in daily leagues Or trade Gilbert for a better option.
  7. Yes,at Andrus' expense.Personally,I'd sit on Webb and Manaea a few starts and see who emerges as worthwhile.
  8. I'd check KC schedule for tough SP but I'd ride the wave for another week.Expect a crash soon though.
  9. I've always wondered what France would do if given the chance.So while it's close that would be my choice.Really depends on need.Both Joc and Walker are extremely streaky guys certain to go off upon release.But if they're on bench I'll say France,Solano, and India.Suarez at SS not guaranteed to last.
  10. The Tsutsugo thread in Rotoworld player news says Rays facing Trevor Rogers.Not E.Hernandez.Can anyone confirm?thanks
  11. I had to look him up.Thought he was 2021's Sidd Finch at first glance.
  12. On your team a lottery ticket flier.On my team a real asset.Hold if you're considering a cut.Move him up draft lists.
  13. A favorite of mine.Hoping for .300+,85,85,20,20.Always nagging injuries but if not this year,I think those type #'s are coming.He won't get cheaper if you're trying to get him.
  14. Depending on # of OF used and the return pick,I'm inclined to do the deal.OF thins out faster than most think and while more will appear as season gets going there is no guarantee you'll get them. Generally, I'm more forgiving of 2020 #'s than I would be normally.If the return pick is a last round,I'd certainly negotiate that up.The Bo market has always had many zealots who will pay up for him and a deal for a 2-3 round drop seems reasonable.
  15. 3B a top heavy position and would require an early pick,I tend to agree with Fish,particularly for Roto. H2H might result in overkill some weeks,lacking in others.
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