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  1. As a Howard owner, I'm riding with him this week. Winston plays better at home. Plus I spent a (too) high pick on him and have no other options. But given all that, I'm still going with him. Won't fault you for starting Witten though.
  2. NO. JJ will be solid this year, and your RBs have injury risk. Plus your WRs are solid already - nothing gained here by you.
  3. Ridley would be a good trade candidate since you already have Julio. But him or TY or JuJu would all be fine to trade. I'd target Dak first, then Ryan. If you can trade any of those 3 WR for either of those 2 QB, you'll be in great shape.
  4. Tough one, you probably can't go wrong. Diggs is a good buy-low candidate. They went to him several times Sunday, and his usage was more than his fantasy points indicated. Best is yet to come. Godwin is legit, and co-#1 with Evans. I don't trust Winston, but neither do I Cousins. I'd say Diggs is boom/bust, and Godwin more consistent. As such, I'd take Godwin.
  5. Sounds fair, though as a Winston owner I wouldn't have high hopes for Evans. But still a good buy-low time for him.
  6. Brieda's been hot, Mixon not. Tough to spend a high draft pick on Mixon and bench him, but might need to.
  7. Looks like highway robbery for Team B to me, but enough good players there I suppose to make it too close to call.
  8. I'd hang on to Jackson. I think he's the real deal. NE DEF is good, but obviously riding high after playing MIA.
  9. Hyde for sure, he doesn't split. Duke is not getting much and they appear to want to ride Hide. His history makes me think Hyde may be at a high point though. Only other may be Penny. Carson is their #1, but he had 2 fumbles last week. Penny could continue to eat away at the carries. Hyde has more value now, but Penny could by end of season.
  10. #2 is my favorite. I almost put Breida and Kerryon on the same level. But if you can really get either one you are winning big time.
  11. Gordon has been a disappointment, now with Brown there, who knows. Landry has questions too. Guess it's really your preference on the two.
  12. Don't do it. I love Adams, but you can't give away Sony - you'd be hurting your team. Now, if he wants OJ Howard instead, then seems fair.
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