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  1. Seems like a desperation play, but you could probably do worse, and he has a decent ceiling
  2. For sure—I’m not exactly enthusiastic about Engram either, and I would consider playing either of those two above him. My point was just that people who are still playing Engram aren’t doing it because they think he’s a great fantasy start—they’re doing it because there aren’t many better options at this point
  3. Not everyone has better options. Assuming he's active and not limited, would you really bench him to pick someone up off of waivers? [...] If anything I would consider pivoting to Irv Smith, but I don't think he's any more of a sure thing.
  4. Yeah he has been frustrating to own this year, but I don’t see how he would be at the back end of the top 10 this week. He’s obviously under Henry, Cook, and Chubb, but who else are you confidently starting over Aaron Jones? He has always been a low snap % guy—even his 40 point blowup against the Lions came on under half the snaps. Just gotta hope he gets some looks in the red zone—hard to complain too much when he is averaging 18 touches over the last three games.
  5. Hard to be very confident in Hunt after the last few weeks, especially in this matchup, Washington is a risk but you should play him if you feel confident in it. FWIW I had to decide between Washington and Gio and I went Gio... they're all in a similar tier imo but Hunt just doesn't seem very trustworthy rn.
  6. Conner's in a tier of his own here imo, even if he loses some relative value in PPR.
  7. Gio and Dobbins imo, both should get 15+ touches. Not sure if it's standard or PPR though., Mine if you have time:
  8. I am in the same situation and rolling with Engram, partly off the points made in this thread. I think it's the right choice, but who knows how the games will go. Hopefully we both make it through this week.
  9. I somehow ended up with Wilson, Carson, and Lockett this year and couldn't find any good deals for them, so my team has been relatively volatile. I also stream defense, and the Seahawks defense were by far the best option available when I was looking ahead to this week. Now I'm in a position where I could be starting all four of them. It's obviously a great matchup, so it should work out, but I'm still a little worried. I could change that by benching Lockett for Allen Robinson, but that will hurt my ceiling since he's less of a boom-bust option and he doesn't stack with Wilson. I could also b
  10. I'm a little worried—he had 66 total yards and a fumble in their first matchup this year, and 45 yards on 15 carries in their second matchup last year. Of course, he also went off for 183 and 3 touchdowns in the first 2019 game. So I don't think his ceiling is any lower than it would be in any other week, but a dud wouldn't surprise me as much as it would in week 15 or 16. Obviously Cleveland has been scoring a lot of points this year, and there aren't many guys you would bench him for, but I'm slightly less confident than I have been the last few games
  11. Definitely Herbert, and I would say close between RoJo and McLaurin. Personally I would probably play RoJo but I might be biased after last week as a Terry owner.
  12. I would probably still bench Akers, but it’s close with Conner. I don’t own him so I’m not sure if it’s a sure thing that he’ll be active, but I wouldn’t mind pivoting to Akers if that’s still unclear.
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