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  1. He will bounce back next year. I don’t really think he fully healed from his high ankle sprain. The explosive plays should be back next year.
  2. Who else needs a huge game from Mr Kamara to get to the finals?
  3. Keep kickers but give them additional points for the yards. For example a 47 yard field goal would be 4.7 points
  4. I don’t understand how anyone can seriously consider benching him this week. Marvin Jones had a lot of red zone targets and you gotta think those will go to Golladay now
  5. Agreed he got his 1,000 Yards. Why risk it if their season is over
  6. Well for those who survived this week with that dud maybe he can reward us with a big game on Monday night next week
  7. Maybe his TDs come in bunches when it counts the most
  8. As long as Tannehill is playing like this he’s a top 24 option. Could pay off huge down the stretch. Houston, and New Orleans left on the schedule
  9. Kamara doing his best to eliminate us from the playoffs
  10. So another Bucs RB fumbles well see if BA stays consistent with benching someone for their mistakes or if he just has it out for RoJo
  11. watch this guy get 20 carries this week
  12. hopefully he can replicate another Titan WR legendary playoff run ala 2004 Drew Bennett Week 14 12 catches 233 Yards 3TDs Week 15 13 catches 160 Yards 2TDs one can dream!
  13. Waiting till Monday to know for sure he is playing plus Eli Manning bring back..... no thanks
  14. Ran out of moves so gotta start time! You’d think he’s due for a big game!
  15. Its a grade one sprain so I’m not too concerned
  16. Well he’s active gotta roll with him
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