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  1. Full ppr: Don’t particularly like either of them this week, but I gotta choose. Who ya got? WHIR!
  2. After Josh Allen’s 40 burger and my Rodgers less than excellent performance, it’s gonna be a close one. Need to choose between these 3. Full ppr, with return yards (Coutee). Thoughts? Thanks and WHIR!
  3. I actually like Coutee even more with cooks back, and he’s feasted on Indy before...tough to pull the trigger on him though
  4. Have Hopkins, need 2 for WR and Flex out of Kupp, Jefferson, Robby Anderson, Amari Cooper, or Coutee. Full PPR with return yards (which puts Coutee very much in this discussion). I know everyone is going to scream Jefferson, Jefferson, Jefferson! But I’m honestly not sure. Wasn’t sure about him last week either and he put up a dud. Yes he’s a ridiculous talent but this is fantasy and all I care about are points. What are people’s thoughts here? Thanks in advance!
  5. Damn what a dud....should still pull it out, but tough seeing every wr on my bench out produce Jefferson
  6. That’s what I’m thinking. Pretty even this week but vikes/bucs should be competitive the whole game with plenty of points. Let go!
  7. I have Hopkins and Jefferson plugged in. Is there any argument to be had for Anderson getting a start instead? Should be shoot out in Tampa Minnesota But Robbie also gets a huge jump this week. Thoughts?
  8. Full PPR. Does kupp get going this week? What are your thoughts?
  9. Who ya got here? Full PPR. I'm leaning AJG since I want to let him loose after last year, and Ramsey embarrassed Amari last year. WHIR!
  10. Glad Boone and waller decided to show up a week late. Waller is a freak though!
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