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  1. Henderson is poised to step in as the Rams' No. 2 running back with Malcolm Brown (ankle) listed as doubtful for Sunday's game in Atlanta, Stu Jackson of the team's official website reports. Brown and Henderson filled in for Todd Gurley last week, with the rookie taking six carries for 39 yards and adding nine yards on his lone reception. Gurley is set to return from a quadriceps injury, but Henderson should still have a role in the offense for Sunday's potential shootout.
  2. He's a Gurley owner. He's posted this same post on all the Rams RB pages. He is not ready for HENDERSZN!
  3. [...] Anybody know what value he has currently? What RB targets I can trade OBJ for?
  4. So what are some equal value we can get for mixon right now? Coleman? Lindsay?
  5. Terry will get his against the Niners. The niners front 7 is what really makes their D lethal. Ross, Boyd, Landry all had nice games against the Niners so I am not worried
  6. Got a offer for Tevin Coleman. No brainer accept right
  7. I would keep Olsen. Newton is on his way back and would boost Olsen back up again.
  8. 100% Coleman is a rb2 with rb1 upside. Jones is still a rb3/flex in a time share with a worse offensive line
  9. Worst pick of my draft by far. Been trying to package him in a trade. Hopefully he only misses one week but I am afraid this might be a Taylor Gabriel concussion issue. Gabriel is still in the concussion protocol after getting the concussion in week 3.
  10. Hi all, was just offered Devonta and my choice of sanders or Sutton for OBJ leaning towards Devonta and sanders since OBJ has been a disappointment
  11. got a juju for fournette offer. also a cooks for Jacobs
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