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  1. Read the texts then come back okay? He is stating she is broke because of having kids........He inst hiring a hit man now considering she is the least of his worries...Britney is who he is concerned about.
  2. Her pics are public on the internet already...........so scary.
  3. Why don't you look then? Not even close to your silly God Father comparison.
  4. I am backing him because he did not do anything wrong (nothing proven yet)......the texts were not scary nor did they harass her.
  5. Why send the letter to the NFL? Wouldn't she send the letter to his lawyer........
  6. You cannot go to jail for that so called threat. That my friend is a FACT....
  7. he is the second string RB, nothing to see here until that changes.
  8. Why is everyone so dramatic lately? The dude has not been proven guilty of anything, this is what the media/social media does! Spins everything our of control and all of a sudden everyone jump aboard when they do not have a clue what actually happened.
  9. Why do you get to judge someone? There were no files charged, wouldn't she have filed if he was such a scumbag and ruined her life? She wants money!!!! A threat? Her IG is public and she is the one who leaked this to the world not AB. You got to be kidding.
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