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  1. I have never been a professional athlete or a college athlete. I have played sports on the high school and rec level and that is it. Was there cheating involved at those levels I sure hope not. I do have respect for the Patriots as the organization does build a quality team year after year and Tom Brady as much as he is arrogant he is the best QB ever. Also I think Bill Bellichick is a mastermind coach as well. I don't fault the Patriots at all I fault the NFL for the problems they have. This is why I don't really follow it that much. I am more of a supporter of the NHL which also has it share
  2. My favorite hockey themed movie stars Kurt Russell as Coach Herb Brooks as he takes a bunch of college boys on an unbelievable journey of winning the Gold Medal and also between the mighty USSR team along the way in the 1980 Winter Olympics in the movie Miracle.
  3. My favorite one is Remember The Titans.
  4. My TV in the background. I should be studying though.
  5. The NHL Channel(repeat of the Colorado and Dallas game)
  6. I will take CB Islanders team. I will shoot you an e-mail with my specifics.
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