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  1. They're in a fun spot, where you could easily see three teams taking QBs in front of them, leaving either Sewell or Slater as line picks, or Smith, Chase or Pitts as pass catchers. Lot of good options.
  2. Wonder if this means they get Ertz too now.
  3. I find that, really generally speaking in any sport, offense and scoring is a good way to bring in people who aren't otherwise interested in the game, and subsequently traditionalists who aren't interested in an influx of casual fans tend to favor defense and see it as "more pure" and "how they used to play" or what have you.
  4. I think as you've seen in your dialogue with Brock that not everyone who sympathizes with the Universal DH idea sympathizes with...well whatever you imagine the "next logical step" to be. I'm ok with an "all hitter" lineup, for instance (which I think is what you are suggesting?) but I don't think that's popular enough. Not yet anyway.
  5. I've been a Rollercoaster with Carson Wentz. When he was drafted I thought he was overrated and unproven against small school competition. He won me over. As others have pointed out, it was in a near perfect offensive situation and Foles won the SB after he got hurt, but I still honestly thought until this season he was pretty good. I think it is possible that he still might be and this was just a bad year. Or maybe he is broken. I don't have any idea anymore.
  6. If we're talking cap space + quality of team it seems to me like the Bucs and Colts are likely possibilities. I see a lot of people mentioning the Packers and Steelers, which are fun narratives but both teams look up against it financially. I suppose they could try to make it work but there are a bunch of teams that don't need creative accounting and have plenty of dry powder already. I tend to doubt he'd want to play for the Jags or Jets of the world though. My money is on him playing in Tampa and them letting Suh and probably Barrett walk.
  7. Ironically of course Rodgers just had what was perhaps his best statistical season in his career the year after his team traded up to spend a first round pick on a QB and was blasted by everyone for not getting him another WR. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Thoughtful article, thanks for posting. So it seems to me the gist from the author is - 1.) They traded Unger for Graham, drafted some ineffective linemen and haven't actively targeted the unit in free agency but have had success at left tackle. 2.) Wilson himself admits he runs into sacks playing hero ball. 3.) They call some slow developing pass plays. IMO that means he is entitled to some frustration but also probably realizes some of it is his own fault.
  9. Thanks. Yeah between Brown and Okung I'll say this, Russ has had some pretty good pass blocking left tackles. You factor that in with the idea that he does tend to hold on to the ball a long time, and the whole, "I'm tired of getting hit" thing is all well and good but IMO partially his own doing. Could they have drafted guards and centers in the first round or thrown the brinks truck at every available free agent who played those positions? Maybe, but that's no guarantee he wouldn't have again been among the league leaders in sacks - that's the way he plays ball it appears to me.
  10. But the issue that we've been talking about isn't the line for the upcoming season but whether the line up until this point is solely responsible for the almost 400 sacks.
  11. So they should pay Duane Brown more? https://overthecap.com/position/left-tackle/
  12. Does he not bear any responsibility in that? He's routinely has one of the longest "time to throw (TT)" year over year according to Next Gen Stats. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/passing/2020/REG/all#yards Duane Brown was an All Pro Left Tackle in 2018 and was named as a Pro Bowl alternate this year. Carroll is routinely chided for running the ball too much and "not letting Russ cook" but the more they "cook" the more he'll get sacked. I'm just saying. Yes maybe they could spend more on guards and centers, but it seems like part of the reason he gets hit as often
  13. A rose by any other name can still speculate on a questionable tag.
  14. Growing up an Elway fan, I always felt brutal for Marty. You had to respect the process. Establishing the run is a trope in today's game I suppose but Marty had it down to an art form. I still have nightmares about toss plays to Marcus Allen. RIP Marty, one of the greats in this game.
  15. I guess February 10th was decided as "rebranding day" in some meeting after the NBC buy out...seems like a dumb call to me but what do I know? As long as the content is the same I'll still keep coming.
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