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  1. Assuming Dolis doesn't take the job and run with it, sounds like Merryweather can win the job back.
  2. Labeling him "the 3rd down back" is a bit simplistic, no? I mean yes he did have a pass catching role when Drake was healthy but Kingsbury also gave him 25+ carries in two games Drake missed. He was a fly in the ointment for Drake owners, and I suspect that paired with Conner they both suck the value out of each other and genuinely just frustrate people. Conner because he gets the early down volume work and Drake because he gets the catches and scores.. Again, like the Bucs situation. With less TDs.
  3. Except Edmonds is the incumbent, his coach likes him, he's a talented pass catcher with a nose for the end zone, and though his role may not be voluminous it will certainly frustrate anyone who owns Conner next season.
  4. "Hello, yes, I want all the murkiness of a Bucs RB situation, but their offense scores too many TDs. Can you make me a recommendation?"
  5. Given how many injuries I had, I feel like my strategy last year was 0 starters. I don't recommend it.
  6. All I know is, I picked the guy to add some rate stats as a relief pitcher and probably drop for a streamer and ended up with a guy who has gotten me more Ks than deGrom and the same as Bieber, and life is good.
  7. Probably a good night for Biebs to go the distance, might be tricky against the ChiSox though.
  8. The Braves, when healthy, have Fried, Soroka, Morton, Anderson and Smyly. Fried, Morton and Anderson have rotation spots locked up. Soroka, while recovering from the achilies injury also experienced shoulder discomfort, so his short term health is a real question mark. I think Ynoa's window is to either force a six man rotation when Soroka gets back (probably the best case scenario because then we could count on him longer into the year), fill the void in case Soroka is out for a longer period of time, or force Smyly into the pen somehow. My philosophy this year is to avoid trying to c
  9. I lack the patience to stay on this train. Godspeed everyone.
  10. I'm excited, but tempering expectations because the Cubs have struggled at the dish so far.
  11. Watch them start closing games with Price. 🤣
  12. I want to believe in David Price, really I do.
  13. If I had to lay money on it (and I don't want to) I think when the dust settles in Oakland Sergio Romo will be closing games for them. The old "experience" card rears its head.
  14. Just trade him to me for Ryan McMahon. Hot start. Is legit bro.
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