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  1. Im in the same boat. At the moment thinking WAller just because he got me here, and Higbee is a little less proven.
  2. .5 PPR QB: Wentz, Fitzpatrick, Eli Rb: 2 of Mostert/ Sanders / Mack Thank you!
  3. Probably Gallup and hoping Ramsey is shadowing Cooper tight
  4. Probably Robinson, Mostert, and Bell. Full point PPR id pray for a bunch of Leveon dumpoffs
  5. .5 PPR. 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex Need to start at least 1 RB: Of Conner, Mack, Sanders, Mostert, and 1 Flex: Boyd, Deebo, Conner, Mack, Sanders, Mostert Going to start CMC at RB, Moore and Golladay at Receiver
  6. Probably Scarborough, assuming they wanna see what they have with him and just run it up on Washington. If thats uncomfortable Id rock with Williams after that, Hill hasn't shown anything yet and thats a defense to pass on.
  7. Id go with gordon unless Nelly gets a clean bill of health
  8. I would go with White and Detroit D. Wouldnt drop SF for those last two weeks
  9. 10-1, .5 PPR. I only play weeks 15-16 in playoffs as I have a bye. I was offered Mahomes, MG3, and MIchael Thomas for MY CMC, Wentz, and Eagles D My Team before trade: Wentz/Allen... CMC/Conner/Samuels/Mack/Sanders.... Evans/Moore/Golladay/Boyd.... Waller... 49ers D, Eagles, Bears... Tucker I've asked a variation of this a couple times, but I'm still a bit stuck on it.
  10. I actually really like Hollister. Im an eagles fan and know they tend toleave people open, he seems like a good bet to get some volume
  11. Tough. Game against Browns should be higher scoring but their corners are good. Personally, I'd stick with Kupp as he seems the best bet to get something going with TY's injury... If not, I'd go crowder
  12. Personally would go Moore, Golladay, Sutton, TY I like TY a lot just hard to bank on him coming off of an injury, Buffalo is tough against the pass
  13. I like DJ Moore there, good opportunity to get some points as hes been getting a ton of targets
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