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  1. I don't think he is worth #1 waiver. Keep it. If Connor was going to be out a couple weeks then YES Thanks for the help on mine
  2. you think Chark is just a fluke for these first 3 games?? He has a TD in every game except this last week 4 and he should have had TD that game too but it got called back for an unrelated penalty
  3. I would say do that Should give you a solid fill in with Carson at RB and you are good at WR with out Lockett. I think he is going to keep it going after those first 3 games Thanks for the help on mine
  4. 12 Team PPR Rank who you would keep or trade for Singletary or not do the trade at all???? McLaurin Chark Alshon
  5. I like the idea of any KC player I have the similar idea going... I have Carson... Would you trade Carson for Hill?
  6. I would say take that. Stream D And at the end of the day Hopkins! still probably #1 WR just going through a slow spell now
  7. I am wondering the same for Rojo? I already have Zeke, Carson, Mixon but looking to add more depth/future with Jones
  8. What do you think? 12 Team PPR I have Chark, looking to add some depth to the RB or Golladay for Jacobs? My Team QB Goff RB Zeke, Carson, Mixon WR Kupp, Golladay, Alshon, Mclaurin, Chark TE Dissly
  9. minshew and golladay for sure Thanks for the help on mine
  10. I would say Goff at home I am starting him Help me?
  11. So 12 Team PPR league I need to figure out to start in my RB2 spot and FLEX MIXON Chris Carson Mclaurin Chark I'm leaning towards Mixon and Mclaurin
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